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6 Tips How To Make The Most Out Of Modern Outdoor Planters

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In order to get the most out of modern outdoor planters they must be durable, paired with native plants and in-line with the overall style of your commercial or residential space, among other things.

Modern outdoor planters reinvent the look and feel of your landscaping. Other benefits of planters include:

-Adding greenery in areas with no soil (concrete jungles) or poor soil.

-Planters infuse your space with style that help you tell your story.

TerraCast planters require little to no maintenance. Pair our planters with native plants and you score a beautiful accent point that requires very little time or effort.

-Planters are an affordable way to dress up any space. Especially if you pick the right planter and follow these 6 tips for modern outdoor planter success!

1. Pick Modern Planters That Fit With Your Style

What’s the style of your landscaping and what story are you striving to tell with it? The goal is to find modern planters that fit in with your vibe and let others know what you’re all about. For an extra kick, you can add your logo or slogan to any one of our customizable planters.

Modern planters come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, such as our Japanese Bowl Planter, Step Planter and San Juan Tall Planter. All of these planters are classified as ‘modern’ but each has a slightly unique style. Mix and match numerous styles, or keep it simple with one particular style, perhaps in a variety of sizes.

2. Skip Stone Planters

Stone planters are beautiful but they are sure to give you plenty of hassles. For starters, stone planters are incredibly heavy and difficult to move. Also, stone is very porous and readily absorbs stains, making it very difficult to keep clean or remove things like graffiti.

Our durable, stain-resistant and beautiful resin-based planters can be made to duplicate the look of stone without all of the drawbacks. Learn more here:

3. Buy Outdoor Planters That Can Survive In Your Particular Climate

What range of temperatures can a planter survive without cracking and breaking? It’s a question most people forget to ask, but it’s so important. Most planters can only withstand moderate temperature fluctuations before incurring cracks and other damages. When water penetrates through these cracks it settles into planter walls where it freezes and thaws as temperatures fluctuate. As a result of continual contracting and expanding, a planter forms cracks that eventually turn into all out breaks.

Our planters are different than the competition. For one, our specially formulated resin-based planters are non-porous, which means they don’t readily absorb moisture. This makes them less susceptible to damages caused by freeze and thaw cycles. Our resin-based planters can stand up to temperatures ranging between -40 °F and 140+ °F.

4. Use Native Plants

The plants you put inside of your planters are just as important as the planters themselves. Plants can create lots of headaches, or they can serve as a low maintenance way to bring a lot of beauty into a space. The choice is up to you.

If you stick with native plants you’re certain to encounter greater success without as much work. Native plants are made to flourish in your region without any influence from humans. For the most part, native plants require little to no watering or fancy soils. Native plants help conserve water, which is especially beneficial if you live in an area currently going through a drought, such as California.

On the other hand, foreign plants are not naturally meant to thrive in your region, which means you’ll have to work a lot harder to ensure their survival.

5. Give Your Planters More Than One Job

Get the most out of your planters by giving them more than one job. Traditionally, planters are used to house your plants and beautify a space, but they can offer so much more. For instance, you could use rows of planters to create an inviting lush walkway. Or, strategically place planters so that they cover up eyesores like electrical or AC units.  A large enough planter can house a small tree, which means you could use a planter to create a shady space near a bench.

6. Buy TerraCast Planters

No one has a greater selection of high quality modern outdoor planters than TerraCast Products. Our planters rule supreme thanks to our unique manufacturing process and carefully selected materials. Our resin is a Linear Low Density Polyethylene, which is a synthetic plastic material capable of enduring more wear and tear than the competition. In proof, our planters outlast the competition by years, all the while maintaining original vibrant color.

Other benefits of TerraCast Planters include:

-Our resin-based materials can be made with a 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

-The Planters are recyclable

-Made in the USA

-Maintenance free planters—you never have to paint, stain or refurbish.

-Our planters are resistant to graffiti and other common stains. All you need is a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Wipe to remove evidence of graffiti.

-Despite their unmatched durability, our planters are lightweight and easy to move as needed.

-All of our planters are customizable, you can pick any color you want, add your logo, etc.

-Planters are available in faux-stone including Terracotta, Brazilian terracotta, as well as shades of granite, ash, Verde and sandstone.