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6 Unexpected Benefits of Contemporary Outdoor Planters

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Contemporary Outdoor Planters
Ordinary Objects or Major Benefits?

You might think of contemporary outdoor planters as everyday, ordinary objects, you likely even take them for granted. Pottery has been around and considered an art form since 6000 B.C.; Anthropologists and other historical researches have found evidence of pottery almost everywhere humans have lived. Clearly, the benefits of planters have been widely recognized for a very long time, and today the need for the artsy yet functional design of contemporary outdoor planters continues to thrive. Pottery and planters are beautiful to look at, on their own or with a plant blooming within. They are also convenient, allowing one to plant greenery wherever they please. There are so many benefits to planters; here are 6 unexpected benefits contemporary outdoor planters can provide.

1. Variety Galore

Vase planters might be the most common type of planter people purchase, but the sky is the limit when it comes to designing and creating contemporary outdoor planters. If you can imagine it, it’s a possibility, planters come in every shape and size—some are low and wide, others tall and narrow. A planter can even double as a sturdy bench for you and I to sit on. Contemporary outdoor planters and vases can be personalized with special adorning accents that make a statement with or without plants potted inside. Plus, contemporary outdoor planters can provide a new look to age-old flowers; for example, when planted in a garden, all red roses look similar, but when placed in planters they can take on a unique variety of height, shape, and even sprawl.

2. Plants Made Portable

When flowers are planted into the ground this small slice of the earth becomes their forever home. Once can only hope this one tiny space gets enough sun and shade to sustain a particular plant, otherwise it’s bye-bye beautiful buds, hello wilting dead flowers. With potted plants it’s not so cut and dry, since they are easy to move around, if one location provides too much sun, and another too much shade, you can simply drag the pot into different locations as necessary—no un-soiling and re-planting required.

3. Keep Invasive Plants Contained

There are certain types of plants that can quickly start to take over smaller gardens. Known as invasive plants, they easily spread their seeds to other parts of the garden. For instance, after planting a small patch of mint you might start to notice mint plants sprouting in other unintended parts of your garden. The only way to contain invasive plants is to pot them inside of a planter. Some invasive plants include Japanese wisteria, bee balm, mint, lemon balm, and common periwinkle. Additional Planter Benefits!

4. Self-Watering Planters Save Water & Time

Not all planters are self-watering, but the ones that are can save precious water and time. Self-watering planters are great at maintaining perfectly moist soil because they have a water reservoir located just beneath the plant roots, allowing these roots to reach down for water as needed. This keeps plants from dehydrating, and it also saves water by reusing liquids that have already dripped through, limiting how often you have to water a plant. Not only is this more convenient, but it also promotes healthy root growth which is good for the plant—the firmer a root base, the more prosperous and fruitful a plant will be.

5. Create Affordable Barriers & Pathways

contemporary outdoor planters

More than just a pretty face, contemporary outdoor planters are great for creating barriers in crowded locations, making it easier for the public to maneuver around. Large enough potters can also block off eyesores, like electrical boxes or bulky water systems. Some buildings have awkward layouts, if it’s difficult to find the main entrance or you just wish to create beautiful—yet affordable—pathways, rows of planters are the perfect solution. Instead of using tacky orange cones, or signs that are easy to loose in a windstorm, simply institute contemporary outdoor planters and you’ve secured beauty plus function.

6. Provide Shade From the Sun

It’s a common misconception that contemporary outdoor planters are small things, only for daffodils and delicate flowers that bloom in the spring. On the contrary, the variety of planter sizes available is truly jaw dropping—in fact many are spacious enough to house a large tree. Coveting the shade of a tree but only have concrete to work with? A big enough planter bowl allows trees to grow just about anywhere.