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Finding the Perfect Low Maintenance Plants

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The Beauty of Low Maintenance Plants: How to Pick The Perfect Planter Flowers

The appearance of a commercial location is extremely important, even if a company operates out of a concrete jungle they can benefit from adding decorative plants and flowers to their landscape. Although, beware of the mistakes so many have already made, if you buy the first beautiful plants you desire and have them potted inside of high quality planters, you might quickly find a big problem on your hands. Plants can be rather finicky; they thrive under particular and extremely varied conditions. To prevent your potted plants from turning brown and unprofessional, take the time to select flowers that will thrive in your particular environment and look good most of the year. Also, you likely want to avoid high maintenance plants that call for an overdose of attention. Some plants can’t get enough sun, while others prefer a good deal of shade. Depending on the location you are looking to fill, here are some low maintenance plants worth checking out.

Low Maintenance Plants That Love The Sun

The following plants are esthetically pleasing so long as they are kept dry and given plenty of sun. For hot locations, or un-shaded spaces, these plants offer a few go-to options.


Succulents are quite possibly some of the easiest plants to care for, they require no more than 2 hours of sun each day, although they can handle direct sunlight all day and still do just fine. Watering succulents is also low-key, as they prefer fairly dry soil; in fact under-watering is better than overwatering with these unique plants. The one thing to watch out for is extremely cold weather, as succulents are susceptible to frostbite. For planters that require more height look into American aloe or parry agave succulents.

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For warm climates, where temperatures regularly hang out around 60 degrees or warmer, petunias are an excellent choice for planting in pots. Petunias don’t require too much water and they can thrive despite heavy winds and rain; the most durable breed is the multiflora petunia.

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Golden Sword Yucca

Throughout most of the year, the Golden Sword Yucca remains gorgeous to look at, the only time this plant gets a little weak is towards the end of winter. What it lacks during this short time though, it makes up for in the summer when gorgeous flowers that smell really good bloom. Yuccas love the sun and prefer dry weather; they grow to be about 3 feet high and equally wide.


Low Maintenance Plants That Love Moisture and Shade

For cooler climates and shady spaces these plants will thrive in potted planters without question.


Impatiens are striking flowers that grow in a multitude of both bright and light colors, all with incredibly beautiful flat petals. A parade of color against a backdrop of green, impatiens do well with very little sun making them perfect for those shady spaces around the property. In mild climates this flower will bloom all year long, while in harsher winters impatiens bloom just until the first frost of winter.


Some say fuchsias can be fussy, but when planted in the shade and kept out of extreme cold temperatures they can be easy to upkeep. Plus, a potted autumnale fuchsia can grow 12 inches tall and 16 inches wide, making a bright and beautiful statement. Fuchsias thrive in the shade because dry soil is undesirable for these flowers.

Green Mountain Boxwood

For those certain spaces that get soaked in sun half of the day and drowned in shade the other half, the Green Mountain Boxwood is a desirable choice. Even better, this shrub remains rich in color all year long. Boxwoods take their time growing but once fully developed they can reach up to 5 feet tall; when contained in a planter Boxwoods still thrive but come short of their maximum height potential. Slightly more maintenance than others on this list, this miniature tree prefers a few regular rotations to keep all sides equally green and vibrant. Find 10 more year round low maintenance plants

The Right Potted Plants For Any Location

Some of the most popular flowers can be very high maintenance, take Daffodils for instance, which prefer sun in the morning and shade at night. For businesses that need durable plants that flourish when potted in planters it all comes down to picking the right greenery for a specific location. Doing the research ahead of time will put you on the right track to creating sustainable and low maintenance landscaping anywhere.