7 Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Lamp Post

7 Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Lamp Post

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Outdoor lamp posts have become an integral part of public places and suburbs due to the utility they offer. While many think of lamp posts as just being a source of light, illumination is only the tip of the iceberg. They can distribute a myriad of applications from advertising and environmental protection to reducing traffic jams. 

If you own a store, residential complex, or an office building, there are many reasons to consider installing a lamp post outside your establishment. While most people install them to see their property a little better at night, there are many other benefits to installing an outdoor lamp. Today we are discussing seven such benefits that can help you in your decision-making process.  

Beautify Landscape

Maintaining curb appeal is just as important as the interior or exterior of a property. Besides light distribution, outdoor lamp posts can also ornate the landscape architecture and boost curb appeal. They are a great choice for business districts, suburbs, and even tourist locations. With so many options on the market, you can easily find the right design and size of lamp posts for your property. Furthermore, resin light pole bases can be molded to match the aesthetics of any location and are highly resistant to corrosion. 

Increased Security 

While you may feel safe during the day, it’s hard not to feel scared while walking down a poorly lit road or strolling around your property. By installing lamp posts, you are not only minimizing the risk of crime but you will also feel secure stepping out during the night. Many studies have found that towns who increased the number of light poles in their area saw crime rates go down drastically.  

Provide Lighting

The core duty of lamp posts is to illuminate the area whether it is a street, park, outdoor garden, or a bridge. They illuminate the landscape and allow anyone passing by to find their way in the darkness. While lamp post applications vary from place to place, their main purpose remains the same. Lamp posts found in gardens do not require much illumination but those found in construction sites and along the road are much brighter and consistent. 

Reduce Traffic Accidents

Regardless of how bright your headlights are, driving down a poorly lit road is always going to be a challenge. Your foresight is limited in such scenarios which can make it hard to spot obstacles and potholes. Lamp posts are one of the best solutions when it comes to reducing traffic accidents. They can broaden the driver’s sight with consistent lighting – especially at blind spots. 

Attach Items

Cafes, stores, and curbside restaurants can do a lot more with lamp posts besides illuminating their property. For instance, you can hang baskets, planters, and even put up festive lighting to spruce up the location. However, you might want to ensure first that anything you put on a lamp post should not pose a risk to public safety. 

Install Smart Features

As the world moves forward with the help of technology, lamp posts are not far behind in the race of evolution. Today, many cities are adopting smart lamp post models that can pair with modern technology such as CCTV, charging stations for electric vehicles, environmental monitoring sensors, wifi routers, and more. 


Lamp post advertising is a seasoned trend that many businesses including curbside stores and restaurants rely on for marketing their brand. The main reason behind their soaring popularity in commercial zones is their size, which makes it easy to hang banners or advertisements. Since they are usually placed along the road, it is easier to catch the eye of drivers and pedestrians. 

Choose TerraCast and Reap Benefits

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