9 Benefits to Landscaping with Recycled Materials

9 Benefits to Landscaping with Recycled Materials

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From reducing landfill waste to lowering overall material costs, there are so many benefits to landscaping with recycled materials.

There are several different ways to landscape your property with recycled materials. First, you can purchase sustainable products made from recycled materials. For instance, our planters, lighting fixtures, trash cans, and site furnishings are made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Secondly, you can use old or salvaged items to create something new and unique. For instance, old bricks could be reused to create a walkway. Additionally, you can use “garden refuse” aka pruned trees, composite piles, etc., to fertilize plant beds.

Here are some serious benefits to landscaping with recycled materials.

#1. Lower Transportation Costs

Transportation costs include moving, shipping, and delivering products like planters, light fixtures, and so forth. Recycled materials are lighter than virgin materials, which will impact the final bill. That means your bill is automatically lower because it’ll take less fuel to transport products and less man power to move them once they’re on site.

#2. Enjoy More Consistent Project Costs

The costs of virgin materials are subject to fluctuations in market pricing. A surge in demand or a decrease in supply can cause material costs to skyrocket, virtually overnight. When you rely on recycled materials you don’t have to worry about vast price fluctuations.

#3. Work with Businesses Striving to do Good by The Planet

You have a choice: Would you rather work with an environmentally conscious supplier that cares about protecting the planet, or someone that cares more about profit than long-term sustainability? An environmentally conscious supplier likely cares more about your satisfaction as well, not just today, but years down the road. A supplier that cares about long term sustainability is far more likely to deliver a product that can pass the test of time.

#4. Reduce Landfill Waste

Our landfills are quickly running out of space. Not to mention, our ocean is overflowing with so much pollution that it is estimated there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish within the next 40-years. You can help our planet solve the pressing trash conundrum by purchasing products made from recycled materials. Cheap plastic planters or concrete lampposts are going to sit in landfills, taking up TONS of room, for hundreds and hundreds of years before they ever even begin to break down.

Our resin is made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials, and all our products are recyclable.

#5. Reduce Strain on Raw Resources

Our planet only has so much to give before it runs out of raw resources. When you go with recycled landscaping materials, you help reduce the burden of plucking more raw resources and then polluting the atmosphere to manufacture it. Even worse, if products are not made tough to last long, they end up polluting landfills in little to no time.

The more materials we recycle and reuse, the more resources we preserve for the future. This helps ensure we don’t fly through available supplies and leave nothing for future generations.

#6. Cut Back Product Costs

Extracting new materials and then using them to create a brand-new product is going to cost more money. It’s more affordable to use readily available materials as opposed to generating new materials.

When new materials need to be generated, it requires heavy machinery, specialized equipment, and additional labor, which all equate to greater costs. On the other hand, recycling plants can break down products and turn them into high quality recycled materials at extremely reasonable rates. Not only are recycled materials better for the planet, but also, they are better for your wallet.

#7. Do Your Part to Make This Planet a Better Place

Recycled landscaping materials help you save money and do right by our planet. Without this beautiful planet we call home, we’d have nothing. You can reduce your ecological footprint and live a greener life by seeking sustainable recycled materials. In the process, you help inspire others to do the same.

Feel free to show off your good deed! Add eco-friendly landscaping signs around your property, or post a blog about why your business chose eco-friendly recycled materials. You have every right to toot your horn and let others know you care about this planet and its future sustainability.

#8. Score LEED Certification Credits & Points

If you’re trying to obtain LEED Certification, every part of the construction process matters, right down to the materials you use to landscape a property. By using eco-friendly recyclable materials approved for LEED points or credits, you can better your chances of securing the prestigious and advantageous title.


#9. Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

It’s easy to assume that products made from recycled materials might not last as long as virgin materials, simply because they’ve already lived a past life. That’s not the case though! In fact, it’s often the exact opposite, with recycled materials lasting longer than products made from virgin materials.

Sustainable products are going to last longer than quickly thrown together products made from non-reusable materials. There’s a reason many materials cannot be reused, they were never that strong to begin with.

TerraCast Products Are Made from Recycled Materials

We are all about helping our planet stay green, hence why we manufacture everything right here in the USA using sustainable processes and recycled materials. Our cooling chambers rely on reclaimed water and our ovens are powered by natural gas.

All our products are made from sustainably sourced materials and with up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Most of our landscaping products and site furnishings qualify for LEED points. Plus, everything we manufacture is incredibly long lasting, and comes with an unmatched warranty to prove it. When materials do finally break down, our products are recyclable. Let us help you reduce your ecological footprint, together we can add some green to America’s red, white, and blue!