The Best Coastal Lighting Fixtures: What Lighting Fixtures Can Survive Harsh Coastal Climates?

The Best Coastal Lighting Fixtures: What Lighting Fixtures Can Survive Harsh Coastal Climates?

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Are you searching for coastal lighting fixtures that won’t rust or corrode? If your home or business is near the ocean, you cannot rely on just any type of lighting fixture. While many popular lamppost materials are prone to rust and corrosion, that’s the last thing you want in a coastal environment. After all, coastal lighting fixtures are subject to more wear and tear than other lighting fixtures simply because of the salty air, strong winds, sand, and storms that blow in off the coast.

One study from the 1970s, but still relevant today, found that there is a considerable difference between the salt present in the air at homes located just 10-feet from the beach, compared to homes located 800-feet from the beach. That means the closer to the ocean your property is located, the greater probability of lighting fixture damage… UNLESS you purchase fixtures made from solid materials capable of standing up to harsh coastal weather.

TerraCast Products are made to survive all kinds of harsh conditions and climates, including the high moisture and salinity found on the coast. That’s because our site furnishings, planters and lighting fixtures are non-porous, non-hydroscopic, and resistant to corrosion and rust. 

For coastal lighting fixtures to survive the test of time, they must meet the following requirements.

#1. Corrosion Proof Lighting Fixtures for Coastal Landscapes

The moist and salty air on the coast makes corrosion a much larger issue than in other regions. Most lampposts are made from porous materials, which makes it easy for salty moisture to seep inside and cause damages. Our unique lampposts, made right here in the USA, are non-porous and built incredibly tough. Plus, they resist cracks like you wouldn’t believe, giving you many years of high quality, good looking fixtures, regardless of harsh coastal climates.

The first spot that lampposts start to experience wear and tear is right at the base. This is where lampposts tend to get hit by golf carts or weed whackers, and if a dog lifts their leg, the urine is going to go on the bottom of the lamppost. That’s why it’s so common for lampposts to break down at the bottom long before the rest of the lamppost shows significant wear and tear. The top of the lamppost instantly breaks down faster when the bottom of the lamppost has cracks or corrosion. That’s because moisture and other damaging elements can enter through cracks in the surface, damaging the pole’s interior.

Instead of replacing your entire lamppost, our unique Light Post Base offers the most affordable solution. It can easily attach to just about any standard-sized lamppost, providing a newer and fresher look, while also extending the life of the entire lamppost.

Learn more about our affordable Light Post Base here:

#2. Non-Porous Fixtures Are Key

As mentioned above, non-porous lighting fixtures are going to save you a lot of hassles. For one, it’s much harder for moisture to find its way inside, which means fixtures last for many more years without suffering damage, rust, etc. Furthermore, it does not stain like other materials, such as concrete lampposts. Concrete light posts are porous, readily absorbing everything from moisture to stains. It doesn’t take long before they show signs of discoloration, stains, or moisture damage. This isn’t going to happen if you employ light posts made from nonporous materials, simply because the materials do not absorb or soak up stains in the same way.

Check to see if lighting fixtures come with any type of warranty. If they have no warranty or a very short-lived warranty, you might want to steer clear. The more warranty you can secure for coastal fixtures, the better.

#3. LED Bulbs Last Longer & Use Less Energy

LED bulbs last longer, consume less energy and save you money today and into the future. That’s why we outfit all our lighting fixtures with LED bulbs responsibly sourced from local American vendors. LED lights are programmable and customizable, allowing you to output different levels of lighting, as well as install auto switch features. Plus, LED bulbs are cleaner and greener for the planet.

#4. Light Up Your Coastal Style with a Variety of Fixtures

Your lighting fixtures can help you play up the style of your property and highlight key areas. You can install a variety of different lighting styles, from tall lampposts, to tree ring lights, to in ground fixtures, you have so many different options to choose from. A combination of lighting fixtures moves the eye around your property, and you can pick where the eye goes depending on where you install fixtures.

Materials You DON’T Want to Use for Coastal Landscape Lighting

Aluminum lighting fixtures can corrode in as little as one year if they are located within ½ of a mile from the beach.   Aluminum is a cheap material that is prone to oxidization and paint chips.

Stainless steel lighting fixtures are quick to stain, smudge and eventually rust. The highest quality stainless steel may last longer than aluminum, but it’ll require a lot of maintenance.

Concrete lighting fixtures are porous and prone to moisture infiltration, stains, and other issues.

Why TerraCast Lighting Fixtures?

TerraCast lighting fixtures are made tougher than anything else on the market, which is ideal when outfitting your coastal landscaping with lighting fixtures. Our light poles are true composite, made with an inner core of galvanized steel, protected by a thick outer layer of polyurethane foam. It’s our specially designed foam that protects the interior steel core from corrosion. On top of the protective layer, we add a quarter-inch thick layer of high quality Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resin. LLDPE resin belongs to the plastic family, but it’s incredibly tough and can survive many years subjected to the elements. 

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