An Alternative to Union Metal Light Poles: Resin-Based Lampposts

An Alternative to Union Metal Light Poles: Resin-Based Lampposts

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Today we want to discuss alternatives to Union Metal bases and Union Metal light poles. While metal is a strong material that can withstand a lot, it will without doubt corrode and break down over time. The goal when installing a lamppost is for it to last as long as possible so you get your money out of it. We took the same underlying ideologies behind our long-lasting planters to create a lamppost with the same durable properties. 

Why Do Metal Post Bases Break Down?

Traditional metal light bases are made with a thin layer of powder coat or baked enamel that is supposed to provide all the protection to the pole. It works in the short term, but this thin layer is easily damaged by small cracks and cuts that you might not even see with the naked eye. These small breaks are enough to allow moisture inside, leading to rust and corrosion. Once corrosion sets in, there’s no reversing the process and the entire pole will eventually disintegrate. Ultimately, the integrity of the pole is compromised.

Metal Light Bases: What Are Some Alternatives?

Union metal light bases tend to break down overtime, as any metal product will. You may start to notice it is corroded, chipped, or otherwise in need of repair or replacement. Metal poles might be strong and made with a protective outer layer, but this outer layer is not very thick. Therefore, all it takes is a couple hits or dents for the metal to become exposed to moisture and other corrosive elements. Dogs continually lift their legs on the pole, sprinklers hit it, weedwhackers take a whack… all of these things and more will eventually cause the pole to break down. That’s why we create such a thick outer layer to cover the inner steel of our unique resin-based light poles.

The TerraCast Difference: Resin-based Light Poles are the Answer

We created a unique resin-based light pole to avoid the most common issues that afflict light poles, like corrosion. Our resin blend is paired with galvanized steel and industrial plastic foam.

The core of the pole is made from galvanized steel because steel is very strong. Although, it’s prone to rusting and corrosion, which is why we mask it with 2 thick layers. Starting with polyurethane foam—a type of lightweight plastic. As a result, the pole takes on a nice shape and the steel core remains protected against outside elements. From there, we add another protective layer of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) that measures a quarter-inch thick. The end result is a durable lamppost that can withstand a variety of elements. No union metal light pole can compete.

Our lampposts have proven capable of standing up to:

  • Pet waste, dog urine
  • Thieves trying to scrap metal from lampposts will not be able to get anything from our poles.
  • Moisture
  • High salinity levels (especially prominent in coastal areas)

TerraCast Lamppost and Lamppost bases are:

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Impervious to the elements
  • Lightweight and inexpensive to ship
  • Easy to install

Plus, even if the pole is dented or cut, the coloring is the same throughout the entire piece, so it doesn’t look worse for wear.

Alternatives to Union Metal Bases

Union Metal Light Poles are a popular option, but they don’t come cheap… and what happens when the base on your lamppost starts to wear down? The base of a light pole is usually the first place to break down. It doesn’t take long for damages to the base to spread upwards, compromising the integrity of the entire pole.

Replacing the entire light post may be cost prohibitive. Plus, if you replace it with the same structure you will likely be faced with the same issue shortly down the road. Just because your metal bases have worn out doesn’t mean you have to replace them. Instead, you can re-base them.

TerraCast resin lamppost bases easily attach to your existing light poles. Once attached, they offer a protective layer that looks a lot better and provides additional protection. The added protection is super important because once a light post base starts to break down, water and other corrosive elements can seep into the fixture and increase the likelihood of it falling apart or tipping over, thus creating a potentially dangerous scenario.

Learn more about our unique Light Post Bases to see if they’d make a good and affordable option to repair your existing Union Metal light poles.

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