Benefits of Resin for Light Pole Bases

Benefits of Resin for Light Pole Bases

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Have you been experiencing issues with your light poles suffering damage and deterioration? Light poles traditionally have metal or concrete bases that are prone to damage from vehicles, harsh weather, and corrosion, making regular maintenance necessary to prevent further damage to the structural integrity of the light pole. 

With that in mind, TerraCast manufactures light pole bases made with resin that is durable and will outlast traditional materials used in light poles. Here are some reasons for considering rebasing your light poles with a resin base.

What Is Resin? 

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene, or resin, is a synthetic plastic material commonly found in all sorts of products, like cafeteria trays and food wrapping. It offers high tensile strength, impact resistance, puncture resistance and excellent stretch, flexibility, and elongation. 

These attributes allow TerraCast to make products with thinner films or frames with greater durability than alternative materials while also being more affordable to produce. Furthermore, the resin can be recycled into many industrial items, such as bins and flooring, making its application and usage eco-friendly with proper recycling.

Advantages of Resin

Resin is a non-hygroscopic material which will not absorb any moisture from the air. This means it will not suffer any water damage or corrosion, allowing it to outlast other materials that would experience water damage over time. Additionally, resin bases are cheaper to manufacture and lightweight, making them more affordable to purchase and ship than metal-made bases. They are also easier to install and maintain. 

Another disadvantage to other types of materials is they are prone to chipping and peeling and must be spray painted over should vandalism like graffiti occur. If you want to maintain the appearance of your light poles, you will have to paint them over to hide the deterioration or cover up any graffiti, where resin does not peel and will not bond with most paints too easily, making it graffiti resistant.

Problems With Metal Parts 

Metal light pole bases are widely available from many manufacturers and can still be a great way to protect your light poles from exterior elements. That said, here are some reasons why you should consider resin before settling on a traditional metal-made base.

  • Material rusts or corrodes – This is the most obvious flaw associated with any metal used to make light pole bases. Iron will rust when it comes into contact with water, oxygen, and acids, which can worsen if salt is present—and it is used quite often in colder climates to help clear roads of ice. Additionally, steel corrosion happens as part of an electrochemical process, where moisture and oxygen combine to start the process, degrading the steel gradually. By using metal materials, you are more likely to spend time and money on maintenance and eventually replacement.
  • Long lead time caused by shortages in material, labor, and shipping delays – A rather recent issue with metal materials is the shortage of metals, labor, and shipping delays involved in transporting raw materials from other parts of the world where they are sourced. Depending on the number of bases necessary for the job, these problems can make delivering products difficult and with significant delays.
  • Susceptible to theft due to their scrap value – Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Department of Public Works reported several incidents where thieves sawed and stole lampposts between Atwater Village and Silver Lake, CA. Many metal light poles have value from scrapping them for their material to be sold, making for another reason to consider avoiding metal materials.

Consider TerraCast To Rebase Light Poles 

Founded in 1969 as RotoCast, TerraCast provides environmentally friendly and safe materials and products for customers across the United States, using resin-based products. If you are looking to rebase your light poles with an eco-friendly and reliable solution, give us a call today for a quote.