Planters Suitable for Busy Locations

Planters Suitable for Busy Locations

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When shopping for planters, you must first consider how busy the area is so you choose the right options. Although traditionally wood, wood composites, or metal have been popular options for raised garden beds, they are susceptible to corrosion, rot, and damage from nearby activity which can be prevented when using resin-based planters. 

Resin is not only more durable and long-lasting, but it is affordable and resistant to wear from exterior elements, making it an ideal choice of material for planters in busy locations. Here are some of the benefits of using resin planters and a few additional tips to keep in mind.

High Traffic Areas Risks 

When you are out shopping for a planter to place in your home garden, the only factors to consider are the size, material, and design of the planters. By contrast, in high traffic areas, planters are exposed to a wide variety of additional exterior elements, from vehicular traffic to pedestrians, on a daily basis which can easily damage the planters. 

Nearby traffic can result in grazing, scratches, and even full-on collisions in worst-case scenarios. Pedestrians and cyclists can easily bump into them or otherwise damage them, making it vital to use durable planters to protect the plant and avoid complications.

Aside from damage due to contact with vehicles and pedestrians, planters in public spaces are easy targets for vandalism. Where traditional materials like wood and metal are easily spray painted over by graffiti vandals, necessitating new paint jobs to maintain their appearance and cover the graffiti, resin does not bond easily with most paints, making it resistant to graffiti and ideal for busy urban environments.

Material Benefits

In addition, to be well suited to urban and high-traffic environments, resin has many qualities making it ideal in many situations and for many reasons. Whether at home or in public, a resin planter will give you the best bang for your buck due to its durability and low maintenance needs when compared to planters made from alternative materials.

  • It Is Highly Resistant – Whether you scratch it, puncture it, impact it, or try to damage it in different ways, resin is the most durable material used to make planters. It is more resistant to physical damage from pedestrians and vehicles, and it is also resistant to chemicals and UV. It will not rot like wood or rust and corrode like metal, outlasting planters made from either material. Additionally, it is non-hygroscopic and resistant to water damage, and it will not bond with paint well, making it great for resisting graffiti. This makes resin the most durable and resistant material to consider for your planters.
  • It Is Low Maintenance And Lightweight – Being lightweight, it is easy to move resin planters and carry them by hand, making for easy installation and placement anywhere you want. Additionally, they need very little maintenance, as they do not degrade over time as other materials will. Metal will rust and corrode while wood will rot over time, making regular paint jobs necessary to keep them looking clean. These fixes are entirely unnecessary with resin-based planters. Furthermore, they are easier to clean since they are pressure-washer friendly.
  • Customizable – Resin planters are available in custom colors and with custom graphic designs. You can pick exactly what you want to match the location and purpose for which  you plan to use them.

Use Resin Planters 

TerraCast Products has been in the industry for over 30 years and have been providing resin-made products that are more timeless and affordable than products made from traditional materials. If you are looking for long-lasting planters ideal for busy locations, contact us today for a quote.