Why Buy Products That Are Made In America

Why Buy Products That Are Made In America

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There are countless benefits to buying products made in America, such as generating local jobs, decreasing pollution and protecting the rights of people all around the globe.

In order for a product to be labeled “Made in America” it must follow the rules outlined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). These rules state that final assembly must take place on US soil, and that the majority of costs related to parts and processing must be spent in America.

Since the origin of our company in 1969, TerraCast Products has remained an American owned and operated company. We are all about fueling the American dream and the only way to do that is to keep production in the USA.

The Reshoring Movement

Until the 1960s, the majority of products were made right here on US soil and no one thought much about it. Yet, when overseas manufacturers began offering unbeatable deals on cheap labor we saw more and more jobs leave our great country and go elsewhere.

Unfortunately, there’s a reason for this cheap labor and it has to do with unfair treatment of workers, unsafe practices and unsustainable methods that include damaging the environment with toxic waste. As we open our eyes to the issues foreign production creates, as well as the local jobs it has robbed our country of, we are beginning to once again take value in products made in America. There’s even a term for it; bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US is referred to as ‘reshoring.’

According the Reshoring Initiative, American manufacturing has seen as increase in over 500,000 jobs since the last recession. As more customers demand “Made in America” products, retailors comply. In fact, according to statistics produced by Consumers Reports, 78% would buy an American made product over an identical product made overseas, and 60% would pay more for a product made in the US. 80% consider bringing manufacturing jobs back to America an important reason to purchase American made goods.

Some Of The Great Benefits To Buying Products Made In America

1. Foreign Products Are Often Unsafe

Cat food, children’s toys, fine dishes, there are countless products that have been found to contain toxic and dangerous levels of lead and other chemicals. To this day, poisonous lead levels exist in millions of toys shipped into the States each year. When you buy goods made in America they must follow strict regulations including the types of materials used in the manufacturing process. As a result, you help better protect your family from the damaging effects of things like lead poisoning.

2. Made In America Produces Higher Quality Products

According to 61% of people surveyed by Consumers Reports, products made in America are of higher quality. This is often true thanks to stricter regulations, greater oversight and better treatment of employees.

3. US Trade Deficit Creates Debt

The massive US trade deficit has put our country in a lot of debt as we borrow more and more money from other countries. Just as too much debt puts your finances in jeopardy, it is doing the same thing to America’s financial outlook.

4. Protect The Environment

Many countries lack fundamental rules and regulations regarding protecting the environment. Industrial manufacturing facilities produce an insane amount of pollution, which is unregulated and incredibly harmful to the planet when proper (and costly) measures are not taken. In the US, these measures are mandated in order to help keep local environments safe. There are strict environmental standards regarding emissions and pollutants, all of which go unchecked in many other countries.

It’s not uncommon in other countries to see manufactures dump pollution directly into waterways, a practice that would never be allowed here. The more items manufactured overseas, the greater toll our natural environment pays.

5. Jobs Shipped Overseas Don’t Come Back

Once a company starts producing goods overseas, most never return to the States. When we give jobs away to other countries we lose jobs on the home front. By keeping jobs here in the USA our country can grow stronger, by shipping jobs away the exact opposite becomes true. As more and more jobs go away, America becomes increasingly dependent on other countries, creating a strategically unsound system. Buying American-made products fosters American independence.

6. Prevent Unsafe Working Conditions

Foreign labor standards are often nonexistent, leaving workers trapped in unsafe and vastly unfair conditions. Many of these workers are just children. When companies rely on foreign unregulated factories to produce their goods they are knowingly condoning unfair and immoral practices. At the same time they sacrifice the quality of goods produced. American manufactures must adhere to strict safety conditions and other regulations that protect the rights of workers.

Many countries have no minimum wage regulations, or the minimum wage is unbelievably low. There’s no way we can compete with countries willing to exploit and harm their own people to make a quick buck. We shouldn’t try to. Instead we should boycott these practices by focusing on bringing jobs back home and buying products made in America.

7. Higher Local Revenues

When manufacturing stays in America it increases federal and local tax revenues, which translates to higher employment rates, higher tax collection and an all around sounder economy.

8. Decreased Shipping & Transportation Costs

Shipping goods overseas costs money and takes up valuable resources that pollute the environment. Large ships that bring over products are being connected to ocean pollution, sound pollution and other issues that are causing marine animals to decline at a frightening pace. Not to mention, the farther something is shipped the more associated costs there are. You can save money on shipping costs while simultaneously helping save the planet by buying products made in America.

Help Support America’s Economy By Buying TerraCast Products

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