Choosing The Best for Your Hotel

Choosing The Best for Your Hotel

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Inside and out, you want your hotel properties to look their best. From furnishings to flooring, lighting to amenities, every detail works toward making the best impression and pleasing your guests. While these elements are the most significant, smaller details like planters and the flowers and plants they hold add to the ambiance of your property. In hotels, planters play an important role in design and aesthetics, not only outside but inside as well, showcasing the overall design, atmosphere, and environment. Plants always add pleasing fresh and natural detail, while purifying the air within. Planters, like the premium quality resin planters available at TerraCast Products, offer a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, adding the perfect complement to hotel properties when paired with plants and flowers of all colors and hues. Hotel planters can subtly enhance the atmosphere or make a bold statement in outdoor areas, entryways, lobbies, restaurants, lounges, and rooms. Like the other décor in your hotel, planters should be selected with care, and a nod to quality, durability, maintenance, and beauty. Let’s begin outdoors and then head inside your property to uncover all the ways hotel planters can work for you.

Outdoor Spaces

Your outdoor spaces enhance your overall facility – from the entryway to the pool area, planters can augment your outdoor areas bringing natural elements in, welcoming guests and guiding the way to the highlights of your property. Large planters, like the Oil Jar from TerraCast, can set the tone in outdoor spaces providing the ambiance of escape even in the city. TerraCast resin planters are crafted from Linear low Density Polyethylene. They are lightweight, maintenance free, cost effective, and virtually indestructible, plus they are made in the USA with environmentally friendly products and practices. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures, and can even be customized to complement your branding.

Lobbies and Gathering Spaces

Hotel lobbies welcome your guests and gathering spaces around your property offer areas for relaxation and rejuvenation. Oversized planters, tall planters, and decorative planters can transform these areas. Taller, oversized planters can be used to created focal points in your lobbies while decorative planters can set the tone for your space. Larger planters can also create private, natural areas in and around the property for you guests to enjoy, adding life to every space. TerraCast resin planters are designed to complement your spaces, whether your hotel style is modern, timeless, contemporary, elegant, or casual.

Restaurants and Hotel Rooms

Planters laden with plants and flowers bring a unique freshness to indoor spaces like restaurants and hotel rooms. In both spaces, the frequent use by guests means planters should be durable, but work to supplement the style and décor in the space. Resin planters are the ideal choice, durable and lightweight, easy to move, plus they can mimic stone, terracotta, and other more costly planters as well as while providing style, longevity, and versatility. The color, size, and style options are virtually endless which means they can coordinate with any décor and a bonus, they won’t fade, crack, or chip, and cleaning is quite simple.

The Benefits of Plants and Planters in Hotels

With biophilic design growing in popularity around the world, the addition of natural elements is on the rise. The hospitality industry is embracing the trend, adding natural elements like planters overflowing with plants and flowers to hotel properties. Plants in quality decorative planters help your property make a great first impression whether guests are arriving in person or viewing your online advertising to determine where they want to stay.

In addition to positive first impressions, spaces with live plants actually improve people’s health. Plants have been proven to reduce stress, help people feel more comfortable, and purify air (up to 87 percent) which means they help keep hotel rooms and indoor spaces fresh and clean for the benefit of guests and staff members.