Get Ready for Spring

Get Ready for Spring

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Whether your business is large or small, as a business owner, you know the importance of the appearance of your company – inside and out. Of course, as springtime approaches, updates to the exterior of your property can make all the difference when enhancing your curb appeal and inviting clients and customers to come inside. Let’s explore some ideas to help you get ready for spring, highlight your business, and help you make the best possible first impression.

Planter Potential

If you have existing planters at your business location, now is the time to assess their condition. Look for dirt, grime, cracks, fading, graffiti, and other damage. Remember, even small areas of damage can result in a poor first impression with your customers. If you note any unsightly areas or damages, spring is the ideal time for cleaning pots in good condition or replacing those with bigger issues. Outdoor planters are can be washed with your favorite cleaning solution and water, while indoor planters often only need a good wipe down to rid them of dust and dirt. Taking care of both cleaning and replacement of existing planters is a great way to enhance the appearance of your business.

If you don’t have planters in place already or you need to replace existing planters, TerraCast Products has a multitude of options to choose from, including custom planters crafted exclusively for your business. Choose from classic like the Grecian Square or modern options like the Japanese Bowl. Adding planters outside your business can help you draw attention and guide potential customers inside, while interior planters are perfect for increasing productivity and enhancing your employees’ overall health. Indoor plants purify the air, and beautify your space, making your business a place for employees and customers to enjoy.

Using Planters to Enhance Your Space

In addition to the benefits plants and planters provide your customers and employees, they can also make your space more attractive and inviting. There are lots of ways to use planters and plants effectively and spring is the ideal time to get add flowers and greenery for color through the spring, summer, and into the fall.

For large windows, add window planters to create privacy or improve less that beautiful views. Along empty walls, large planters filled with vibrant plants can make all the difference. Tapers planters and carefully selected plants can highlight seating areas. Outside, planters overflowing with springtime flowers can highlight your entryway and make a positive first impression on all who enter.

The addition of green plants in colorful planters, along with vivid flowers in spring’s colors – yellow, red, blue, pink, green, and purple – welcome guest with the freshness of spring. Spring is the perfect season to add new plants and flowers refreshing your planters and your business space – inside and out.

Planters can also be used strategically to create private areas indoors and out for employees and customers. You can use planters with attractive plants to enhance rooftop areas, outdoor patios, or other areas where your customers and staff can relax. Planters with tall plants or shrubs are the ideal choice for blocking out city noises or unpleasant views and creating spaces in which spring can be enjoyed. From streeteries to rooftop patios, plants and planters can help create beautiful private spaces for relaxing this spring.

Not only can plants enhance your space in practical ways but they can also help you create a focal point in the lobby, highlight precious artwork in a conference room, or simply make a dull space more aesthetically pleasing.

TerraCast Products Can Help You Get Ready for Spring

As you prepare your business to welcome spring, TerraCast Products can help you with premium quality, resin-based planters, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications designed to help your business welcome customers and achieve success.