Create an Intimate Patio Dining Experience

Create an Intimate Patio Dining Experience

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Patio dining in beautiful sunny climates is a popular as ever. As everyone adjusted to life in the age of COVID-19, outdoor dining became even more popular as restaurants and eateries worked diligently to safely serve diners. Now, as the world moves forward post-COVID-19, patio dining will remain popular especially in areas where milder climates support outdoor dining or temporary structures can be added to protect customers from inclement weather conditions. The challenge for restauranteurs is maximizing space and bringing a positive, memorable patio dining experience to life for diners, both in form and function. Here are some helpful tips to create an intimate and enjoyable patio dining experience for your guests.

Create a Cozy Oasis

Today’s diners are looking for outdoor patio dining that offers the comforts of home, as well as privacy, which makes creating cozy nooks a great way to start your intimate patio design. You can do begin by using bamboo, topiaries, grasses, and reeds to create planter panels to divide spaces both beautifully and effectively, creating unique dining niches for cozy conversations. Don’t forget to add umbrellas, awnings, and other accoutrements to add to the comfortable vibe while providing shade for your guests. Since the nature of patio space is an outdoor oasis in which diners can relax, you will want your patio to protect from distractions like traffic, noise, and less than idyllic views. Planter with hedges or blooming bushes can do so quite well, blocking unsightly views while creating the intimate and attractive spaces diners desire.

Nature, Nature, and More Nature

The patio is outside, which means you can use nature in all its glory to your advantage. From natural décor like baskets, plants, flowers, and decorative planters and fencing, you can create incorporate nature in unique ways. If your patio space is made up of hardscape, consider adding ivy or other climbing plants to your patio to cover walls, then add plants and planters highlighted by landscape lighting to draw diners’ eyes to the beauty of the purposeful natural elements.

Fresh, Clean, and Modern

Modern patio design presents a fresh clean look for your diners to enjoy. Plus, modern design also means added durability from umbrellas to shades to awnings and other materials graded to withstand sun and inclement weather. To complement these elements add, sleek modern planters and a variety of plants to give the space attractive visual interests. TerraCast offers uniquely modern styles from which to choose which can be customized to complement your space. Modern Resin planters by TerraCast are also eco-friendly and virtually indestructible while expressing fresh contemporary style.  TerraCast modern planters created from high-quality resin (specifically Linear Low-Density Polyethylene), making them strong and durable, impervious to corrosion, rotting, or rust. These planters won’t fade or stain and are not affected by temperature extremes or susceptible to water or sun damage. On top of that, they are maintenance free.

Strong, Durable, and Long Lasting

For the sake of your bottom line, it is always best to invest in strong, durable, and long lasting outdoor-grade materials in your patio design. This includes planters, umbrellas, awnings, lighting, and outdoor furnishings like tables and chairs. At TerraCast, you can find strong, durable, and long-lasting options offered in a wide range of styles – timeless, modern, and traditional – as well as your choice of colors, finishes, and more. In addition to customizable planters, TerraCast also delivers unique table designs for your space, including ADA compliant seating options for the comfort of your guests. Each table with its seating options are maintenance free just like their planters making them the ideal choice for creating your intimate patio dining experience.