The Benefits of Plants in Your Office

The Benefits of Plants in Your Office

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You’ve probably already heard of the benefits of having plants in your home, well, the same is true for your business. In fact, research shows that offices with thriving plants also thrive with enhanced performance and productivity. The truth is plants offer a number of benefits for you, your employees, and your office. Let’s find out more!

  • Plants Reduce Stress – Stress is a big deal in your office, causing low energy, lack of confidence, and decreased productivity. Enhancing your commercial design with plants can reduce stress, resulting in increased energy, greater confidence, and increased productivity among your employees. The bonus, employees with lower stress levels will improve your company’s customer service and even elevate the atmosphere in your space. A variety of global studies have been performed showcasing the positive effects of plants in offices which include reduced anxiety and fatigue, as well as decreased hostility and depression. Indoor plants actually deliver the same benefits as spending time outdoors.
  • Plants Enhance Productivity and Profitability – Productivity equates to elevated attention, bigger accomplishments, and increased profitability. Along with regular breaks, quality equipment, appropriate encouragement, indoor plants have been proven to increase productivity – as much as 15 percent or more! How do you do it? Getting plants in view of each and every employee seems to be the key to the productivity bump, plus plant placement is also linked to enhanced memory. 
  • Plants Decrease Sick Days – People enjoy nature, plants are a part of that, bringing happiness inside for your employees to enjoy. Plants are a mood enhancer, a disposition elevator, and, given the connection between mood and health, it is not surprising that employees who have plants in their offices are healthier and use fewer sick days. While providing a soothing element in office spaces, plants also help purify the air within, making breathing easier for employees. Plants can actually remove harmful chemicals, allergens, and other contaminants (bacteria and mold spores, just to name a few) from office air, creating a healthier environment for your employees. 
  • Plants Make Your Office More Attractive – Plants make your office more attractive, not only to your customers and clients, but also to potential new employees. To customers it shows attention to detail and caring, while to prospective employees it can demonstrate both caring and the potential for workplace satisfaction. Plants, quite simply, showcase office culture and can improve the overall perception of your company.
  • Plants Improve Creativity and Focus – As with productivity, plants also improve employee creativity and focus. It makes sense as focused creative employees would produce more effective solutions and inspirational ideas. Plus, the improved air quality from the plants only serves to enhance overall brain function.

Let TerraCast Products Help You Incorporate Plants in your Office

Now, that you are better informed regarding the benefits of plants in your office, let TerraCast Products help you successfully add them to your space. Begin by choosing custom pots and planters from the wide selection at TerraCast. Consider you existing décor, your colors, your brand, your space, and select planters which fit both your office style and the plants you home to include. You can make your choice from modern to classic and everything in between. TerraCast planters come in every size, shape, and color allowing you to find the perfect match for your décor and your plant selection. Choose different sizes to create unique groupings, as well as tabletop planters, planter boxes, and oversized planters to complement your space. Choose your planter style from timeless (like the beautifully tapered and fluted  Roman Round) to contemporary (like the Brooklyn, modern with a nod to classic). Finally, choose your plants, greenery, florals, small trees, ferns, or succulents, and then sit back and enjoy the benefits of the beautiful and functional plants in your office.