Creating Outdoor Eating Areas For Your Employees

Creating Outdoor Eating Areas For Your Employees

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When creating an outdoor eating area for your employees to enjoy, you’ll want to consider the overall aesthetics for your business. After all, whatever addition you create will be visible to potential customers so it needs to be attractive and in keeping with your overall exterior spaces. The outdoor space you design should be a place where employees can relax and re-energize while enjoying lunch or taking a break. The right outdoor space for your employees often results in increased productivity and decreased stress among your team members, both crucial to providing continued customer satisfaction.

Your business is distinct, and TerraCast can help you create the ideal outdoor eating area for your employees to enjoy a respite during work hours when they need it most. Let’s explore these tips on developing a lovely, enjoyable outdoor space for your employees with planters, site furnishings, and even lighting.  

Designing a Cohesive and Relaxing Eating Area for Your Team

As you develop your outdoor eating area, you want continuity – a space that complements your brand. Flow as well as beauty should be part of the overall design so your employees feel invited to enjoy the space and relax on their breaks. TerraCast offers a wide selection of premium quality site furnishings – tables, chairs, benches, and more – on a host of colors and styles which can be customized to coordinate with your existing exterior design. 

During planning, keep in mind your company’s existing landscaping and work to complement it in the eating area’s design. Balancing your design with the natural landscape will result in a more relaxing, beautiful space. You’ll want to choose planters which complement and native plants which will thrive in your region and are easily maintained. Your local landscape professional can assist with the plants needed based on the area’s sun and shade patterns. 

TerraCast tables and benches are the perfect choice for outdoor spaces. They are crafted from 100 percent recycled materials and feature UV inhibitors. Plus, they are maintenance free, resistant to weather, insect damage, and graffiti. In addition, they won’t rot, crack, or require painting, yet they are designed to mimic traditional lumber to create an attractive area for employees to enjoy. TerraCast tables are also available in ADA compliant, wheelchair accessible options and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to complete your outdoor eating area project. 

Your design should also consider the safety of your employees. If the space is adjacent to a roadway, sidewalk, or parking area, you will want to add barriers for the safety of your team members. Consider adding coverings for inclement weather days and make sure the space is level for safety. Deeping on the work schedule of your business and your staff, you might want to consider adding quality lighting to keep the area safe but also to allow those who work later hours to still enjoy the space. TerraCast offers lighting to complement your space and ensure safety.   

TerraCast planters, seating, tables, and lighting promise to help you create a safe and attractive environment for your employees to enjoy during lunch and on breaks. Plus, TerraCast products are designed to last, adding value to your property and project.

Call on the Team at TerraCast Products

When you want to create a beautiful outdoor dining space for your employees, TerraCast is ready to help you with premium quality site furnishings, planters, and lighting, all tailored for your design and crafted for longevity, beauty, and durability in mind. Call TerraCast today and get your eating area for employees  started!