Benefits of Small Cell Concealments From TerraCast

Benefits of Small Cell Concealments From TerraCast

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Small cell concealments are designed to meet the needs of the latest technological innovation – 5G networks. Today’s 5G networks require numerous nodes at ground level in the most populous areas to ensure reliable service. The placement of 5G nodes presents several unique challenges including the fact that they will be visible to the public and as a result municipalities are seeking aesthetically pleasing solutions, particularly in high traffic areas like thriving downtowns where neighborhoods are striving to maintain historic charm. In other words, everyone wants the convenience of well-placed 5G nodes but not necessarily the appearance. 

The Small Cell Concealment Solution

TerraCast had developed the ideal solution in the form of small cell concealment products. The small cell concealments from TerraCast promise to transform the appearance of 5G small cell towers from unattractive to aesthetically pleasing. Small cell towers are shorter and more visible than most cities would like and so, TerraCast has developed slip-over decorative bases and fluted sleeves to enhance their appearance. As the leader in resin-made bases for the lighting industry, TerraCast delivers with a design that promises seamless integration of regional requirements to protect and conceal small cell equipment (including monopoles) and preserve municipal aesthetics. The resin is lightweight which makes shipping as well as installation cost effective, quick, and easy! Plus, the small cell concealments add value while lowering overall ownership costs because TerraCast resin material is virtually maintenance free.

The Benefits of Small Cell Concealments by TerraCast

TerraCast small cell concealments are durable and require little to no maintenance. As the already extensive number of 5G nodes continues to grow, items that require maintenance must be kept to a minimum. TerraCast’s line of small cell concealments are the ideal solution. Traditional decorative poles don’t have the structure to handle the 5G nodes, leaving communities with the less-than-attractive monopoles.  

The TerraCast® Fluted Sleeve resolves the problem, converting a plain pole into a decorative accoutrement without compromising structure. The sleeves are crafted of high-grade polyethylene color-thru resin (UV stabilized) which is impervious to chipping, peeling, or fading, and because the sleeve protects from the sun’s harmful rays, it even extends the life of the pole. The TerraCast sleeves fit industry bases to conceal 5G monopoles from the base up to the antennas. In fact, municipal teams can cut access points in the sleeves as needed, stack sleeves as needed, or cut exact sizes as needed. 

Maintenance free and aesthetically pleasing, yes, but there is more! TerraCast small cell concealments adhere to local regulations, able to meet each region’s guidelines regarding small cell installation and concealment. They also ensure the telecom equipment is unobtrusive and 5G infrastructure has the proper concealment in place. In addition, small cell concealments must be compatible with telecom equipment, careful not to affect the functionality of the networks. TerraCast understands this requirement from its relationships and experience working with the telecom industry, and promises to meet the telecom industries standards to not disrupt the function of any 5G equipment. 

Ready to Try Small Cell Concealments in Your City?

If your city is ready to meet the standards for function and aesthetics in relation to small cell 5G nodes, TerraCast has the perfect solution. With a variety of small cell concealments in different colors, designs, and specifications, your municipality is sure to appreciate the aesthetically pleasing solution. From concealment shrouds to transition bases to pole covers, TerraCast has just what you need to enhance the exterior appearance of the pole and base. Call today to learn more about TerraCast small cell concealment products.