Creating Winter Outdoor Dining Destinations

Creating Winter Outdoor Dining Destinations

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Outdoor dining programs have provided a lifeline to the restaurant industry during the pandemic. By allowing restaurants to expand their seating capacity into outdoor spaces such as sidewalks, streets, or parking lots, they have been able to serve more customers while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Extending these programs can help sustain the recovery of the restaurant industry and support local businesses as they continue to rebuild.

To better understand how outdoor dining destinations are helping the restaurant industry, let’s look at how business owners rely on extra dining capacity created by outdoor dining and parklet programs. 

Outdoor Dining and Parklet Programs

These programs have made it easier for restaurants to make the most of their dining spaces without overcrowding the indoor area by utilizing outdoor spaces. Creating a comfortable outdoor dining space does not need a full build-out or investment in a larger space. Additionally, these programs provide an opportunity for businesses to offer a unique and enjoyable experience to their customers. Many people enjoy dining outdoors, especially during pleasant weather, and the ambiance of outdoor seating can attract more patrons.

In addition to patio heaters, choosing comfortable seating material that withstands temperature fluctuations is imperative to creating a successful outdoor dining space. TerraCast® site furnishings can not only accentuate your outdoor dining space with the desired aesthetics but also go a long way to reduce your carbon footprint since they are made from nearly 100 percent recycled HDPE. Besides making your landscape beautiful, our products are also aimed at boosting its functionality. 

Weather Resistant Materials for Winter Dining Destinations 

By using weather-resistant materials, winter dining destinations can be utilized for a longer duration throughout the year. These materials allow for the creation of outdoor spaces that are resistant to damage from winter conditions, enabling customers to enjoy dining experiences even when the weather is less favorable. TerraCast® Picnic Tables are made with up to 100% recycled HDPE material that does not conduct temperature extremes, which means they are comfortable to sit on and do not feel hot in the summer heat or cold in the winter. 

The material is dense and non-porous, which means it is not affected by temperature fluctuations and does not spall or split like other materials. They can withstand temperature fluctuations, resist water damage, and maintain their structural integrity in challenging weather conditions. Our site furnishings hold the aesthetic longer than metal because they are made from a color-through material; coated metal tables quickly rust or corrode after getting a small scratch. 

Commercial-Grade Planters for Versatile Functionality 

Planters are a great alternative to dividers and add an element of security without breaking the bank. They can be used to define and soften spaces, adding color, texture, and natural beauty to an otherwise dull or monotonous area. Well-placed planters can enhance the overall aesthetics of outdoor spaces, making them more inviting and enjoyable for visitors or customers.

Depending on the size of the planters and the type of plants you install in them, they can also work as privacy screens and help provide protection against winds and keep the outdoor dining area warmer for your guests. TerraCast® planters are good for a year-round outdoor application, even in the harshest winter climates. 

Find the Best Products for Outdoor Dining Destinations

The positive impacts of outdoor dining programs during the pandemic have prompted cities to consider their continuation as a means of supporting economic recovery, improving urban spaces, and providing safe dining options for residents and visitors. If you’d like to benefit from these programs, TerraCast® products can help you in achieving your goals. We offer commercial-grade planters, site furnishings, lighting posts, and more. If you’d like to learn more about our products or get a quote, a member of our team would be more than happy to assist you.