Tactical Urbanism: Cost-Effective Ways to Transform Underused Spaces

Tactical Urbanism: Cost-Effective Ways to Transform Underused Spaces

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When cities face ever-growing commotion and traffic, utilizing underused spaces becomes necessary. As more and more businesses take to the field and innovation rises, finding cost-effective ways to transform underused public spaces into more beneficial channels for local communities has become less challenging.  That said, here are some lucrative ideas cities can incorporate into their plans to make better use of underused public spaces. 

Community Gardens

Turning underused spaces into community gardens can be a great way to transform vacant lots into productive and beautiful areas. These gardens can house various vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees that add to the greenery of communities and offer a haven for residents to gather and spend quality time with their loved ones. These gardens can also help to provide fresh produce to residents. 

Outdoor Art Installations

Installing outdoor art installations can help to transform underused spaces into vibrant and engaging places for residents and visitors to relish. These installations can be created using recycled materials, contributions from local art communities and artists, and memorabilia and can be a great way to engage the community. Art installations can also double up as local attractions that add to the expression of the city and give visitors a memorable experience they can take home. 

Small Business Incubators

Transforming underused spaces into small business incubators can help to revitalize local economies and offer residents a great place to gather and mingle with their friends and family. Providing affordable workspace and resources for entrepreneurs not only helps boost the local economy but can go a long way to adding energy to an otherwise low-activity area. Transforming vacant lots and parking into streeteries is an excellent way to utilize those spaces and help local communities thrive. 

Outdoor Markets

Outdoor markets can activate underused spaces by creating a bustling marketplace. These markets can include food vendors, artists, thrift shops, and other vendors, and can be held regularly to induce a sense of continuity and excitement. Outdoor markets create new avenues for local businesses to showcase their offerings and are essential elements of urban areas. Outdoor markets can also feature public performances such as music, theater, or dance to promote local artists and culture. 

Creative Seating

Creative seating can transform underused spaces into places where people can relax and enjoy the scenery. Site furnishings like chairs, benches, and tables made from recycled materials can go a long way to create eco-friendly gathering spaces. Such spaces promote a sense of community and help residents break from their daily routines to spend quality time with their peers and loved ones. 

Community Gathering Spaces

Creating community gathering spaces in underused spaces can help to bring people together and promote community engagement. They can be a lucrative way to arrange public events, meetings, and other community activities. A great example is pop-up parks which are temporary parks created with minimal cost and can provide a place for people to relax, exercise or socialize.

Bike Parking

Adding bike parking to underused spaces can encourage people to cycle to work or run errands, reducing traffic and air pollution. It also creates a sense of community and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Bike lanes and parking accentuated by creative barriers like planters can add to the urbanity of developing cities and build their modus operandi. 

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