Eco-Friendly Exterior Decor

Eco-Friendly Exterior Decor

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When it comes to creating the perfect exterior space, it all comes down to the décor of it all. These days, it is getting more and more important to opt for eco-friendly exterior décor options. This simply means adding more plants to your space and planting them inside of our eco-friendly planters! Whether you are decorating the outside courtyard of your home or the exterior dining option in your restaurant, you can never go wrong with our large selection of eco-friendly planters.

Before we get into some of our favorite eco-friendly planters, we want to first mention the materials used to create our products. Here at TerraCast, we use Linear Low-Density Polyethylene to make our resin, which is a member of the plastic family. This particular resin is formulated to be so durable that it’s maintenance-free. In addition to this, we use up to 100% post-consumer recycled material. We also blend a UV inhibitor right into the resin to resist fading, bleaching, and aging. Our products are roto-molded and exhibit exceptional strength and durability, making them the ideal choice for outdoor as well as indoor use. TerraCast Planters will never rust or need to be repainted making them extremely low-maintenance and still a beautiful selection to add to your exterior space.

Getting back to our wide variety of planters, one of our top sellers here at TerraCast is the beautiful Bamboo Planter. This lightweight and durable planter is a great stand-alone piece as well as a unique addition to any planters you may already have in your home. We also carry a unique selection of modern-style planters for a more futuristic and modern look. One example of these modern planters would be the Grooved Planter option. As a complement to the Bamboo Planter, the Grooved Planter looks as though it’s bound with Bamboo. In addition to this, the Grooved Planter can also be a beautiful stand-alone piece when decorating your outdoor space.

Why stop at eco-friendly planters? In addition to adding more plants and these eco-friendly planters to your outdoor space, why not go the extra mile with more eco-friendly options? Although summer will soon be coming to an end, this does not mean the outdoor hangouts will cease to exist. Therefore, it is important to maintain your beautiful exterior décor throughout the entire year. For example, installing and investing in innovative technologies that save energy would be the perfect addition to your eco-friendly outdoor space. These innovative technologies include motion censored lighting options to help save electricity. Not only is this friendly for your monthly electricity bill but also a huge help to the environment. Another example of these innovative technologies would be energy-efficient heating and cooling systems for your home.

Now that we have dressed up your new outdoor space with beautiful green plants and planters as well as saved a large amount of energy with new innovative technologies, we cannot let you forget about the much-needed patio and garden furniture. When making your selection for this outdoor furniture, consider the most eco-friendly option. Some of the best materials to keep an eye out for when searching for the perfect eco-friendly patio furniture include hard-wearing and durable woods, recycled plastic, and stainless steel.

Are you ready to get started on that beautiful outdoor space? If you want to learn more about our planters and how we can offer our assistance in creating the perfect, eco-friendly hangout space, you can visit us at You can get in touch with us by filling out our “contact us” form or by giving us a quick call with the number listed on our website.