Flexible Outdoor Space for Cities and Municipalities

Flexible Outdoor Space for Cities and Municipalities

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One of the challenges that are a direct result of the past few years of COVID-19 lockdowns and phased reopenings are the limited capacities many cities and municipalities still have to this day. With life slowly returning to normal as people leave their homes to spend time with their friends and family in the wake of the pandemic, having flexible outdoor spaces to accommodate more people has become a necessity for many cities and municipalities. 

One rather unique solution that many areas are implementing is the usage of planters to create flexible outdoor spaces, whether it be dining areas or places for pedestrians to hang out without the worry of traffic. Here are some of the advantages of using TerraCast’s resin planters that many cities and municipalities can take advantage of. 

Public Spaces Should be Flexible and Serve Communities’ Needs

Some of the disadvantages of building more permanent barriers are the initial cost of investment and time spent putting them up. By using planters such as those offered by TerraCast, cities and municipalities can quickly erect necessary barriers for public spaces in a more cost-effective and timely manner. These include: 

  • Outdoor Dining Spaces – Restaurants that are experiencing a shortage of capacity can quickly expand their dining outdoors with the use of planters without having to invest in constructing an outside add-on to their existing establishment—something that may even force them to close down temporarily for the duration of construction. 
  • Parklets – Parklets that border busy roads and driveways can be hazardous without adequate barriers to separate incoming traffic from pedestrians. Rather than building permanent fences and barriers, planters can fulfill the same function while adding beauty to the scene that pedestrians will enjoy. 
  • Pedestrian Plazas – Pedestrian plazas are not always permanent fixtures, making planters—which are lightweight and easily moveable—an ideal and aesthetically pleasing solution to cordon off an area from traffic.  
  • Events – Many events have different needs that can change throughout the event. While cones are a common sight at large outdoor events to control pedestrian traffic, resin planters can double as barriers and decoration while still being lightweight and easy to move. 

The Materials Used for Public Spaces Should Withstand Harsh Climate

In addition to their cost-efficiency and flexibility, resin planters are also exceptionally durable and long-lasting. 

  • TerraCast Products Are Great For Year-Round Installations – Resin products do not rust, rot, or corrode, making them nearly indestructible and a viable solution for year-round installations where necessary. 
  • Weather Resistant – Resin is a non-hygroscopic material and will not absorb moisture. This makes it particularly resistant to water damage, even in exceptionally wet climates. 
  • Maintenance-Free – Compared to other materials that may chip, peel, or corrode, resin is highly resistant and will never need painting or refurbishing to maintain its integrity or appearance. 
  • Chemical Resistant – TerraCast’s resin formula does not bond easily with paints, making it resistant to graffiti. You can easily erase any attempts at graffiti vandalism with cleaning products or a pressure washer. 

Why Are Planters Great for Flexible Outdoor Spaces?

Many cities and municipalities have revolving needs that make permanent barriers less than ideal. For such cases, TerraCast’s resin planters offer a lightweight and easily moveable solution that can act as a visual and physical barrier while maintaining an open and welcoming feel. Their durability makes them ideal even in high-traffic areas, making them perfect flexible barriers for many cities and municipalities. 


Going green is an important element in the decision-making process for many cities and municipalities, as well as finding ways to cut down overhead costs. TerraCast products are exceptionally durable and long-lasting and are made with up to 100 percent PCR (post-consumer recycled) material, making them an ideal solution that is green and cost-effective. 

To create flexible outdoor spaces, consider TerraCast’s resin products to meet your city or municipality’s needs. To learn more about our products, do not hesitate to contact our amazing team today!