Furnishing the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

Furnishing the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

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The first aspect of a company on which guests or potential employees get their first impression is the exterior of a commercial building. Outdoor space has the ability to draw more people in and create a superior first impression. The exterior of a building should be a space where employees and guests can relax for a bit on their lunch breaks or in the afternoon. The outdoors after all has a way of energizing people, unlike an indoor setting. Since employees receive more energy from soaking in some vitamin D, they are able to go back to work and be more productive. Whether you choose to add plants or furniture around the exterior of your commercial building, TerraCast Products offers a multitude of items to assist in creating the perfect outdoor space. When considering furnishing the exterior of your building, here are some tips to consider.

Outdoor Seating

Most employees enjoy venturing outdoors during lunchtime. The outdoors offers a refreshing change of scenery especially when it is decorated nicely. TerraCast offers a variety of tables to add to your outdoor seating arrangement. The tables are constructed with 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastics. Built with UV inhibitors, the tables are made to last for years and are maintenance-free. While most tables may be fragile, TerraCast products are not. Tables are sturdy when it comes to harsh weather conditions and do not crack or rot. Wheelchair-accessible options are also available for use.

Building owners will enjoy the Economizer Hexagon Picnic Table. It is the same design as the Open Hex Table but with lighter boards. Providing seating for up to six people, this is the perfect option for outdoor seating. Assembly for the table is easy and it comes with a 20-year warranty guaranteed.

For more accessible tables, the Economizer Hexagon ADA Universal Access Picnic Table provides easy access for up to four people plus customized room for one wheelchair. The table has a wooden appearance for a more professional appeal. Made in the USA, this table is guaranteed to not rot, mold, or peel. The stainless steel fasteners create extraordinary durability.

The Bodega ADA Universal Access Picnic Table provides a comfortable and casual ambiance for an outdoor area. This table also provides seating up to four with one wheelchair access. Unlike the Economizer Hexagon ADA Universal Access Picnic Table, this table offers a metal-like appearance and also comes with an umbrella hold.

Picnic tables are also available to purchase, such as the 6’ Standard Picnic Table. This table is durable and attractive. Same as the previous tables, the picnic table requires no maintenance. There are plenty of other picnic tables to choose from that are also wheelchair accessible. Coming in different finishes and colors, there are a variety of options to choose from.

Finish With Lighting

Lighting helps set the tone of the desired mood. Outdoor lighting can be used to not only create a safe environment for others to feel comfortable but to also add a classy look to the landscape. Lighting can be used alongside pathways or sidewalks to illuminate the walkways and make them more visible. Adding in lighting above seating can also allow for employees or guests to enjoy their meals and rest breaks. Additionally, lighting can be used to illuminate the best features of a commercial building.

TerraCast Products

The beginning phases of furnishing the exterior of your building are exciting. With so many decor options to consider, the alternatives are endless. TerraCast Products is ready to assist commercial building owners with the furnishing, planters, and more. For assistance, call TerraCast Products today.