The Benefits of Purchasing Recycled Plastic Products

The Benefits of Purchasing Recycled Plastic Products

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Eco-friendly products have been gaining popularity. Consumption of goods is continuously on the rise, causing harm to the ecosystem. More business owners and residents are becoming more open to recycling and using plastic goods. Despite being used, plastics are valuable and should be recycled. Plastic products that are recycled reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases while conserving other resources. Purchasing recycled goods can result in a better environment to come.

What are Recycled Goods?

When goods are recycled and reused, they are taken from a waste stream in part or whole form. Products that are often recycled include printer cartridges, recycled paper, and plastic lumber. Using recycled products allows for a safer environment as the materials do not end up in a landfill along with other trash.

Reduce Pollution

Did you know that plastic waste contributes to the deaths of thousands of animals on land and in water? Greenhouse gases result in a rise in pollution. When it comes to making plastic goods, an abundance of greenhouse gases is released. When plastic is made, oil is burnt, releasing harmful gas. However, recycled plastic is already formed and does not produce a lot of emissions that are hazardous to the environment. Reducing greenhouse emissions by using plastic will allow for a more sustainable future.

Protects Natural Resources

When plastic is produced, natural resources are used, such as water, oil, natural gas, and other raw materials. Plastic materials allow for these natural materials to be preserved. Around 40 percent of oil used can be decreased when plastic waste is recycled.

Saves Landfill Space

It is no secret that the human population is expanding. The land is coming under increased demand. However, there is a ton of land that continues to be taken over by landfills. By conducting waste management techniques, landfill space will be reduced significantly.

Decrease Fossil Fuel Consumption

The use of crude oil decreases as more recycled plastic is consumed. Energy to create new products is saved through recycling.

Significantly Reducing Waste

Recycled plastic is heavily advocated for with the hopes of reducing waste. Recycling is made easier with simple processes. Recycling centers are available for use for people to turn in their bottles and cans in exchange for money. When recycling these materials, not only will people better the environment, but they will also receive a bit of side cash.

Buying Plastic Recycled Goods

The first step in bettering the ecosystem is by purchasing recycled products. At TerraCast Products, we produce environmentally friendly products. We use 100 percent post-consumer plastic before adding UV stabilizers and colorant to our products for extra protection. Once we have completed these steps, our products are constructed from 95 percent recycled plastic. Without a doubt, our goods are the most environmentally friendly products on the market. Our products do not contain fillers, fibers, or other contaminants. This way, our products can also be recycled in the end.

To be more specific, our products are non-toxic and pose no threat to the environment, are reusable, release no greenhouse gases during production, contain no PVCs or BPAs, and create no waste. Our products are created from milk jugs, juice jugs, water jugs, plastic food jars, detergent bottles, and cleaner bottles.

TerraCast Products

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