Get Closer to Nature with The Right Planters

Get Closer to Nature with The Right Planters

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You probably know that plants deliver an abundance of health benefits for people, indoors and out. It’s true, not only do plants help clean the air inside, making a healthier environment in workspaces and homes, but they also bring nature in, help reduce stress, and can even enhance productivity. Of course, inside plants, particularly for businesses, need the right planters. Planters should be long lasting as well as aesthetically pleasing in order to enhance commercial spaces. Commercial planters come in a wide variety of materials, in all shapes, sizes, and colors, meaning you can find the right planters for your space, regardless of your style.

Choosing the right planter allow you to showcase plants inside, bringing a little bit of nature into your space, often enhancing it in unexpected ways. You can even coordinate with outdoor planters to complement indoor décor and showcase your brand in unique ways. Of course, in doing so, you want durable as well as beautiful planters which, in turn, help you maintain beautiful plants easily. Here, the team at TerraCast offers tips on selecting the right planter to bring the beauty of nature into your commercial property.

Resin, Metal, and Fiberglass Planters – Trending Options

Resin Planters are among the trending options for commercial planters because they offer virtually unlimited style options and have the unique ability to mimic other materials like natural stone. Plus, resin planters are lightweight, with exceptional longevity and durability. Here, TerraCast Resin Planters stand out. Made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) from up to 100 percent post-consumer recycled material which qualifies for LEED credits, TerraCast Resin can handle extreme weather conditions outside, and never need painting or refinishing. TerraCast Resin Planters don’t crack, warp, chip, peel, or fade. They are lightweight, making them easy to move as needed inside or outside your office. On top of that, TerraCast planters can be customized – color, shape, and size.

Metal Planters are another popular option for commercial spaces. They deliver modern, contemporary style and offer durability. They don’t chip, crack, or break. Metal planters can also be custom made, though the colors will be limited. There is no doubt metal planters are attractive, but they are also heavy, and outside they can heat up quickly, which means frequent watering of the plants inside is required. Metal planters are also prone to corrosion and rust from water, acids, and salts.

Fiberglass Planters are also trending. They are lightweight and easily moved, like resin planters, and they are also resistant to temperature changes. Fiberglass planters offer low maintenance and come in a number of colors and styles which require cleaning and waxing to maintain their appearance. While long lasting, fiberglass planters can crack. They also trap heat which can overheat the soil and damage delicate plant roots.

Enhancing your Space with Plants and Planters

Whether you are enhancing your space indoors or out, or both, with TerraCast Resin Planters you will have an unlimited variety of options from which to choose – colors, textures, shapes, and sizes – as well as styles from timeless to contemporary. You will also get durability and long lasting good looks from TerraCast Resin Planters, not to mention ease of care as you bring nature inside.

While versatility, durability, design and levels of care needed vary from metal to fiberglass to resin planters, you can always count on TerraCast Resin Planters to help your business showcase your brand, bringing nature into your business with the best in customizable planters. Call TerraCast today and find just the right planters to help enhance your business.