Get Ready for Spring with Premium Planters

Get Ready for Spring with Premium Planters

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Spring has arrived and with Spring comes gardening of all kinds. Among the favorite types of gardening for urban and suburban homeowners is container gardening, not only because it a way to grow your own flowers, vegetables, and herbs, but also because containers help create a beautiful outdoor landscape. The problem that often arises with container gardens is many planters only last for a year or maybe two before fading, cracking, and breaking down. Planters come in a variety of materials, some costly, some cheap, making choosing a premium quality planter a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips on how to make your selection, so your container garden will not only look beautiful but will be successful and long lasting.

Let’s Look at Common Planter Materials

You can find planters nearly everywhere, in fact, you can even DIY your own planters is you so choose. Planters available at your local stores are most offer wood, ceramic, or plastic. Let’s compare.

  • Wood – For those who live in warmer climates, wood can be a good option because wood won’t allow as much heat as other planters. But wood does absorb water readily which can leave plants dehydrated and cause the wood planter to break down more quickly. Plus, wood planters must be cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup of mold or mildew which can negatively impact your plants. If you choose wood, you’ll want to use them in an area with plenty of direct sunlight.
  • Ceramic – Ceramic planters are lovely, and can be very durable for container gardening. When crafted with premium quality and a high-end finish, ceramic can last a long time, but beware of imitations, which use plastic and other low-end materials, and break down quickly.
  • Plastic – Plastic are less costly, but often need to be replaced annually. Unlike wood, they heat up quickly in direct sunlight, which is transferred to the plants within. The heat means water is lost, leaving plants wanting more.
  • LLDP ResinLLDP (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) Resin is a premium material used by TerraCast Products in all their planters. LLDP Resin contains UV inhibitors which allow them to stand up to all sorts of wear and tear without fading, chipping, cracking or breaking down. In fact, TerraCast planters come with a 10-year warranty, making them an excellent choice for your plants and your garden.

The Characteristics of Premium Planters

The best container planters feature these characteristics.

  • High-Quality Materials – In your container garden, your planters face detrimental elements related to your region – heat, cold, storms, and more. Premium planters made with high-quality materials can withstand the elements while not breaking down. Premium quality planters cost more but save you so much time and money when compared to planters which fail quickly and require you to replace, re-soil, and repot your plants.
  • Freedom of Movement – One of the beauties of container gardening is having the ability to move your plants about, rearranging them as needed for optimum conditions, traffic flow, and aesthetics. Some planters when filled with soil, water, and plants will be too heavy to move. Other planters, while lightweight, once filled with soil, water, and plants will inevitably crack or break when moved. You want to choose a planter that is lightweight and durable, like TerraCast planters which can easily be moved as needed without damage.
  • Water and Drainage – While some planters are equipped for drainage, many are not. You can drill holes or line your planter with rocks to help, but built in drainage or self-watering options are best. As you choose your planters, look for built in drainage to prevent water buildup and the potential for root rot.
  • Eco-Friendly Options – As a gardener – novice or experienced – you know the importance of sustainability and environmental friendliness. By selecting planters crafted with recycled materials that are also recyclable, you reduce your carbon footprint and help the planet.