Showcase Your Business with Exceptional Landscaping

Showcase Your Business with Exceptional Landscaping

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The exterior of your business is an important aspect of your brand, helping your company make a good first impression not only on your employees and existing customers, but also on potential employees and prospective customers. Your landscaping attracts the attention of those passing by your business and makes an impression, either negative or positive for your company. Exceptional landscaping shows your attention to detail and the care you impart in your business, both qualities known to attract customers. In addition, numerous studies show employees are happier and more productive in a well-kept attractive working environment. With that in mind, the team at TerraCast Products shares these tips on developing outstanding landscaping to showcase your business.

Welcome Customers

Regardless of your overall landscaping design, it is important to welcome customers to your business by guiding them to the entrance. Amid the beautiful landscaping, make sure the front entrance is highlighted, and not camouflaged. Your landscape should clearly lead the way directly to the front door, making accessibility a crucial point of your design.

Develop a Theme to Complement Your Business

Developing a theme for your landscaping in simplest terms means customizing your design to complement your business. Personalize your landscaping to complement your business and the goods or services you provide to the community. If you are in the wine business, consider using flowers which mimic the colors of fine wine in planters that speak to art of winemaking. If your business sells food products, add beautiful vegetable plants and herbs in planters to complement your landscaping. Do you sell bikes? Why not incorporate a biking them complete with “trails,” signs, and more? Get creative with your landscaping, even asking for employee input for the design, keeping in mind the goal is to make a solid, positive first impression for your brand.

Make a Mission Statement

As your theme can complement your company’s services, you can take it a step further and incorporate your mission or logo to further introduce yourself to the community. Use flowers can green plants for a unique logo design in front of your business. Choose premium quality planters from TerraCast Products which can be customized with your brand logo, company name, crafted in complementary colors. TerraCast blends colors in-house, solid hues to granite blends, as well as custom molds for your unique brand.

Shine a Light

Lighting adds another measure of beauty to your landscaping, but also helps employees and customers stay safe after nightfall. Add lighting to accent pathways and plants, and increase safety for everyone who comes and goes from your business. In addition, landscape lighting, along with attractive, well-lit signage keeps your business visible to potential customers 24/7. Like TerraCast’s high quality custom planters, they also provide unique lighting options designed to complement your landscape design.

Ongoing Maintenance to Keep Up Appearances

Once you have implemented your exceptional landscaping design, you should ensure ongoing maintenance to keep up appearances. An unkempt landscape, with overgrown bushes, dead or dying flowers, rampant weeds, and the like can give the impression that your company doesn’t care or worse, your business is closed. Choosing TerraCast planters, lighting, and other accessories can help as they are made to withstand wear and tear without fading, corroding, cracking, or breaking down. TerraCast products and regular maintenance like watering and feeding plants, preventing erosion, and pruning and removing weeds will keep your stunning landscaping beautiful all year long.

TerraCast Products is the ideal choice for premium quality landscaping accessories to complement your design. Plus, TerraCast products will last for years to come, always looking great and not giving in to regular wear and tear. Reach out to TerraCast today and get started on your exceptional landscape design to showcase your business.