Golf Course Lighting Solutions That’ll Save You Money Over Time

Golf Course Lighting Solutions That’ll Save You Money Over Time

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Quality golf course lighting solutions should efficiently light the entire property while the posts themselves resist rust and corrosion. Light posts that cannot stand up to moisture, a few hits from sharp lawn mowers, landscape weed edgers or bumps from golf carts will not surpass the test of time.

TerraCast Products offers superior golf course lighting solutions and we have the facts to back it up. All our lighting systems can be equipped with LED bulbs for max energy efficiency, plus they are made tough right here in the USA to resist corrosion, rust, impact damage, and more.

LED Lighting—The Most Cost Effective Solution for Golf Course Lighting Solutions

Night golfing attracts golfers who work all day or prefer to play in cooler temperatures and out of direct sunlight. Even if you don’t plan to light your course at night, you’ll need lighting solutions near the club, parking lot, etc.

LED lighting is your ticket to saving money on future electricity bills. LED lighting consumes around 40% to 70% less energy than traditional golf course lighting systems. Plus, LED bulbs last a lot longer than other lighting systems, which means you don’t have to replace them nearly as often.

Night-Golfing is typically aided by LED lighting. Not only is it the most affordable option to run, but also, it provides a very powerful light source. That means golfers can perfect their game even after dark. Additional benefits to LED lighting for golf courses include:

  • LED lights power on and almost immediately offer full-spectrum power, aka no lag time.
  • Comes in a variety of different voltages depending on your needs
  • You can add digital or automatic controls. That means you can remotely control nearly every element of the lighting system using a centralized system.
  • And did we mention LED is cheaper and requires less maintenance?

Should You Add Just One Type of Lighting Fixture?

We offer a wide variety of lighting fixtures to choose from, there’s in-ground lighting, lampposts, tree ring lights, and the list goes on. Using a mixture of different fixtures offers the best results when it comes to lighting the most surface area. It also draws the eye around the property, highlighting a pretty bed of flowers, the entry sign, etc.

Corrosion Resistant Lighting Fixtures Are Crucial

Golf courses are covered in grass and grass requires a good deal of water. There’s no way to avoid water or irrigation systems, which will naturally spray light posts daily. In fact, some golf courses in the US spend over $500,000 a year on watering costs—that means thousands of dollars of water hit golf course light posts .

Oddly enough, many traditional materials used for light posts cannot withstand constant exposure to moisture without breaking down. The risk for corrosion and rust increase as weed whackers, golf carts and lawn mowers bump into lamppost bases or in-ground lighting fixtures. As small nicks develop in the surface, it allows water to seep inside and start corroding materials.

Our non-porous light poles are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them a perfect solution for golf course lighting systems. Our light poles are highly resistant to damage from weed whackers, golf carts, lawn mowers, etc. So even if the post is hit, it should not increase the likelihood of corrosion or rust.

Are the bases of your golf course lampposts rusting, chipping away or breaking down? You might not have to replace them just yet. We offer attachable pole bases (including aluminum bases, resin bases and custom aluminum basis) that can add many years to the life of lampposts. Otherwise, a damaged base is sure to lead to complete deterioration and a collapsed fixture.

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If damage is too far gone, it’s time to replace lighting fixtures. Not only would they look bad, they could potentially injure someone or cause damage if they fall over. Rest assured, TerraCast lighting fixtures outlast the competition by a long shot.

Low Maintenance Fixtures

Golf courses need to look good, but what if you’re constantly faced with vandalism, graffiti or even theft? Our lighting solutions are made to combat these issues and more.

TerraCast lighting fixtures are lower maintenance than the competition solely based on the fact they are resistant to corrosion and impact damage, but that’s not all. Our resin-based materials are also resistant to graffiti. Most stains, including graffiti, are easy to remove using a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® and some elbow grease.

Plus, since resin offers no benefit to thieves looking for metal to sell at scrap yards, deterring theft from the get-go. Resin has 0 metal and is worthless in scrapyards.

Stylish Lights That Blend In

Ugly and obtrusive lighting fixtures are so yesterday. The latest landscape lighting solutions offer style and functionality. For instance, our LED Rock Light offers a powerful in-ground light disguised as a natural rock. Additionally, our Tree Ring Lights can house up to 6 bulbs and attach to the trunk of a tree, letting off a beautiful glow that can be customized to hit different location points. Perfect for ambient lighting, the lights can be faced directionally up or down on any size tree..

The Benefits of Quality Golf Course Lighting Solutions

Other benefits of TerraCast lighting solutions for golf courses:
–Made in America using responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes.
–Recyclable products made from recycled materials
–Countless options to choose from regarding color, size, style
–Our products are fully customizable; add your logo, colors, etc.
–Order any type or size lighting fixture—if we don’t already make it, we are more than happy to create a specialized mold for you.
–Resistant to stains and graffiti
–Resilient in the face of moisture or impact damage

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