Your Guide to Salt Resistant Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Your Guide to Salt Resistant Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

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Salt resistant outdoor lampposts are life-changing, especially in coastal environments with high salinity levels. Moisture and salinity are incredibly harsh on lampposts and other outdoor furnishings, especially those made of porous materials. Moisture creates enough issues for lampposts, but add salt to the mix and corrosion sets in even faster. Without salt resistant outdoor lampposts, you’ll be replacing lighting poles in no time.

Why is Salt So Corrosive?

Freshwater causes rust, but at a much slower rate than salt water. Even fresh water enables oxidation of iron, but salt water accelerates the process because it is such a good conductor due to a flurry of dissociated ions. Coastal areas are exposed to higher salinity levels which leads to an increased production of rust and corrosion. As a result, light poles often break down faster than you can say, “Look at my new landscape lighting!” 

It’s not just coastal lampposts at risk of corrosion, even inland lighting posts eventually rust and corrode. Although, rust and corrosion sink in much faster when exposed to high salinity. That’s because rust and corrosion occur when electrons start moving around. Since salt is a good conductor, the movement of electrons is greatly increased in salt water compared to fresh water.

A simple science experiment that’ll show how this works includes trying to get a current to flow through clean water (it won’t). Now add salt to the mix and the current flows through easily.

Porous lampposts made from a mixture of aluminum and metal erode the fastest. When salt water encounters iron and another metal like aluminum it creates a battery effect that speeds up corrosion. The secret to salt resistant outdoor lampposts boils down to non-porous fixtures.

The Problem with Porous Materials for Salt Resistant Outdoor Lighting

Many outdoor light poles are made from porous materials which means they are NOT salt resistant outdoor lighting. Porous materials allow everything from stains to moisture and salt in the air to penetrate beyond the first layer. Think of it like a sponge that soaks water up into its deepest layers. When this salt-ridden water gets inside it can cause a whole lot of damage from the inside out.

Some materials may be susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles. While porous materials can breathe out water just like they can breathe it in, oftentimes too much moisture gets trapped inside. As a result, when temperatures dip below a certain point the moisture expands and freezes. When temperatures increase again, moisture thaws and decreases in size. This puts pressure on lighting fixtures and may result in cracks and other damages.

Furthermore, the salt itself is highly corrosive to interior features like metal and aluminum. It will start corroding the base of light poles in no time. You won’t see the damage taking hold at first but before long the poles will start to show signs of corrosion and saltwater damage.

Non-Porous Materials Offer Truly Salt Resistant Outdoor Lampposts

Non-porous outdoor lampposts are here to save the day. TerraCast’s resin-based commercial lampposts are non-porous so salt and moisture don’t stand a chance.

Our lampposts start as an inner core of galvanized steel. This crucial layer is wrapped up tight and secured within a thick layer of polyurethane foam. This foam goes to work securing steel against corrosion and rust by keeping out corrosive elements like moisture and salt. Additionally, we add a non-porous quarter-inch thick outer layer of Linear Low Density Polyethylene resin.

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Tree Ring Lighting Fixtures

You might be surprised to find out many lighting fixtures designed to live up in the trees are not truly prepared to endure the elements. Think about all the water that reaches a fixture posted up in a tree. That’s why it’s so important for tree ring lighting fixtures to be non-porous and ultra-durable.

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Salt Resistant Outdoor Landscape Lighting by TerraCast

TerraCast Products has the solution to rusted and corroded landscape lighting caused by high salinity and moisture. The answer is non-porous salt resistant outdoor landscape lighting made to pass the test of time. You no longer need to replace your landscape lighting on a regular basis due to unsightly rust, corrosion, or breaking down of materials. From Bullet Lights to LED Rock Lights and everything in between, we have top-notch products that can withstand a wide variety of temperatures and elements, including high-salinity moisture.