Health Benefits of Indoor Planters

Health Benefits of Indoor Planters

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A quick scroll on Instagram feeds will let you know that the plants are having a moment. From striking interior decor to fascinating outdoor decor, it’s a trend that nobody wants to be left out of. But why are people so obsessed with green indoors? 

Well, from a scientific point of view, plants provide more than just aesthetics indoors. They have a natural ability to improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Commercial building owners should seek ways in which greenery can improve health for visitors and employees. Here at some of those health benefits of indoor plants: 

  1.     Stress Reduction

Studies support that indoor plants have the potential to reduce mental stress. By promoting a comforting, natural feel and soothing environment, stress levels will naturally reduce. 

  1.     Improves Mental Focus

While the plastic plants’ popularity is increasing as safe, non-allergenic, and not messy, they have no impact on mental focus. According to a study, it was uncovered that subjects in the same room with real plants were more attentive. On the other hand, those in rooms with plastic plants were less attentive. As such, this indicates that you can compare the health benefits of real plants to that of plastic alternatives. 

  1.     Improves Indoor air quality 

Having indoor plants is resourceful if you want to breathe quality air. According to a study on plants’ effects on air quality, they can absorb indoor pollutants effectively. And this includes toxic pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide. And in another study, bromeliad, an indoor plant, absorbed over 80% of volatile toxin in the air. 

However, it’s essential to note that the ability of a plant to improve air quality depends on several factors. These factors include the plant size, quantity of toxin air toxins indoors, and size of space they’re cleansing. On average, having between 6 and 8 plants (medium or large size) is enough for a large space. 

  1.     They are Therapeutic 

Employees can experience mental stress or any mental illness? Improve your situation by getting indoor plants. Whether it’s at home or the workplace, indoor plants can help you recover from various mental illnesses. Indoor plants have a therapeutic effect on mental wellbeing. Thanks to these plants, you can recover from dementia, anxiety, and depression. 

  1.     Quick Recovery from Illnesses

Surrounding yourself with indoor plants can help you recover faster from an illness. And we’re not talking about taking herbal medicine, just staring at the plants that have a healing effect. From a review study, patients who would stare at indoor plants recovered quickly and relied less on medicine. On the other hand, those who didn’t take long to recover. 

  1.     Enhance Productivity

It turns out the likes of Bromeliad and Peace Lily are the best companions at the office. And this is because indoor plants can boost your mental focus and promote productivity. And when you have them around, they help improve your creativity and problem-solving skills. As a result, you end up completing more tasks in the office than you would without them. 

Those working close to the plants were quicker on their tasks and less stressed. It is also proven that greenery can elevate creativity.

Final Take 

Are you ready to reap some of these great health benefits from indoor plants? Well, you can’t have a plant indoors without a medium to grow in. In this case, contact TerraCast Products for an exclusive collection of planters. From the Rectangle planter to the Low Bowl planter, there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re getting a bigger size or small size indoor plants, we have planters that could support either. What’s more, our planters come in appealing designs that will add a touch of beauty and style to your space.