How to Bring Nature Indoors

How to Bring Nature Indoors

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Ever heard of the term Biophilia? Well, don’t worry. It describes our urge to live within nature or be around it. But how do you respond to this urge in the modern world where the surrounding jungle is concrete buildings? Well, it’s simple, bring nature indoors. While many might find this puzzling, it only takes a few adjustments to achieve the relaxing effects of nature. And that’s what we’ll look at in this article – how to bring nature indoor to a commercial building:

  1.     Introduce plants indoors

Introducing plants in your commercial space is the primary means of bringing nature indoors. And perhaps it’s the most effective way of fulfilling our natural urge to live within nature. In this case, we’re not talking about artificial plants but rather actual plants. 

Actual plants are not only great for aesthetics but also come with health benefits. Speaking of health benefits, they have a natural ability to sieve toxins from the air. And depending on the variety you’re having, can also provide a natural fragrance. 

What’s more, plants are known to have a relaxing impact on our minds. Wherever they are, they evoke a peaceful and happy atmosphere. With that said, introduce green plants in the lounging area where people go for a break. It will boost recovery through enhancing mental relaxation.

When in search of adding plants indoors, TerraCast can help provide the perfect resin planters.

  1.     Work with natural materials

Besides plants, you also need to bring in natural materials in your living space. They’ll help complement your plants in enhancing the natural feel in your living area. Speaking of that, consider natural materials like bamboo, stones, cork, rattan, and timber, among others. The more natural material you incorporate the better the impact on cardiovascular health, productivity, mental health, and physical wellbeing. 

According to reliable sources, natural materials are those with little to no human impact. And if you want to appreciate the biophilia effect, consider materials from nature without human interference. That is, if you want natural flooring, it should be free from varnish treatments. And the same applies to furniture, among other things. 

  1.     Permit natural light 

You can introduce natural light into your space in two major ways – first, by letting in light from outside. And second, use artificial lights that replicate natural light in your living space. But, why do you need natural light? Well, ever heard of a circadian rhythm? This is an internal clock that dictates how our body behaves during the day and night. 

For instance, you stay awake and energetic during day time, and then become sleepy during the night.

  1.     Air variation

Even with natural light, natural materials, and green plants indoors, you still need to experience the breeze from outside. It’s because air variation replicates the outdoor feel when relaxing in nature. To get visitors right in a commercial building, open windows to allow entry of fresh air. 

  1.     Water

Finally, to replicate the calming effect of nature, water is essential. Ever been to a meditation session? Right, there’s always a relaxing water sound playing in the background evoking mental relaxation and stress reduction. 

In this case, consider a high definition nature track to mask the stressful noises from appliances, technology, or traffic. Also, consider introducing a water feature in your commercial lounging area to set the perfect mood for relaxation. 

Final Take 

Introducing nature into your commercial space will not only give your business an on trend design but will make both your employees and customers happy. A biophilic indoor experience is not out of reach when you have a resource like Terracast Products. No matter the plant or tree you are trying to bring indoors, we should have a planter to house it. Our planters are also much lighter than many of our competitors. Moving them around to different areas of the building will be much easier with reduced weight.