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How Custom Resin Planters Improve Business Image

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The appearance of business landscaping is a part of your marketing strategy, and simply adding custom garden planters can work as a strategic move in the right direction. Think of it like this: the way that your business landscaping looks either draws people in or pushes them away. Nice looking landscaping makes your business appear more viable and prosperous, but personalized touches such as custom resin planters take it above and beyond. 

We offer customizable resin planters, ranging to include any color, size or style you want. We offer custom molds as well as custom branding; add your logo, business name, or slogan to any one of our durable resin planters. Here are a few often-unrealized benefits to custom resin planters made by TerraCast Products.

1. Introduce Yourself To Potential Customers   

You likely already have your company logo plastered somewhere on the front of your building but that doesn’t mean everyone sees it or knows who you are. For instance, if your building is located off of a main street or covered by large trees people may see portions of your landscaping but not the actual building.  A large resin planter with custom logo imprinted on it can make a huge difference to the overall reach of your business. Planters can be used to decorate areas that are not even in site of your actual building, all while advertising your logo and brand.

2. Have Planters That Will Travel

Bring customized resin planters to trade shows or other public networking events to further highlight who you are and your professionalism. Since our custom planters are made of lightweight, durable resin they are strong enough to handle anything and light enough to remain portable. Everyone at a trade show has a company banner above their station, but we guarantee few (if any) will have a station decorated with beautiful plants tucked inside customized planters.   

3. Go As Big As You Want

plantersBigger doesn’t always mean better but a huge planter is sure to capture attention from both near and far. It’s not easy to get peoples’ attention these days. A beautiful assortment of plants spilling forth from an oversized, raised planter embossed with your logo will definitely get heads turning in the right direction. 

4. Let Your Planters Guide The Way

You don’t have to personalize planters with your logo to get that custom feel. You could add a particular message, city name or attention-grabbing graphic to planters as well. This helps you share with your community what you are all about through more than just the name of your brand.

You can get creative here in so many ways. For example, you could add arrows or step-by-step directions to planters for people to follow as they make their way to your entrance. The options are truly endless and largely depend on what your business has to offer.

5. It’s All In The Details

When deciding which businesses to work with customers have a lot of options to choose from. If you want to beat out the competition every last detail matters. Potential customers notice when you take the time to care about the little details. Adding customized planters around your landscaping plays into this, making you appear detail orientated. As a result, this makes potential customers assume you will provide the same level of attention to detail in whatever service or product you provide for them.

6. Rust-Free Resin

It’s not just a bright and brilliant looking logo that makes customized planters stand out. The actual planter appearance is also important. Unfortunately, many custom planters are made from faulty materials that will eventually rust, corrode, crack and show serious signs of premature ageing. We do things much differently; by using our specially formulated resin materials we create planters that last a lifetime. Our resin-based products never rust, stain, crack or corrode. We make sure you never have to worry about your customized planters becoming an eyesore over night, guaranteed.

7. Don’t Let Graffiti Get In The Way Of Your Logo

Resin: Graffiti resistant with cleaning suppliesGraffiti is more common in some parts of town than others, but it happens everywhere at some point or other. Traditional planters are full of pores, which instantly absorb graffiti as it is applied, making it impossible to remove. We don’t give anyone the chance to mess with your planters! Our resin planters are non-porous and will NEVER absorb graffiti, or any other staining agents. If your customized planters are marked up all it takes is some gentle scrubbing to instantly remove the graffiti and score back your beautiful planters.

8. Create Your Own Molds For Never Before Seen Beauty

If your planters look just like every other planter on the block chances are fewer people will take notice. We offer custom crafted molds that go above and beyond adding your logo or slogan to planters. Any size, style, pattern, the options are endless when it comes to creating the perfect stand out resin planter for your business. 

We utilize a very special manufacturing process to prevent any damage to molds or planters as they are formed. Molds are made from soft aluminum and framed in cast iron or stainless steel. We are constantly improving processes based on available technology, and currently employ CAD drawings, 3-D printing and CNC routers to efficiently complete any task without error.

You can order as many planters made from the same mold as you wish, we can even store the mold in our 280,000 square feet warehouse and use to make new planters whenever you want. For instance if you decide to expand your business and want to keep the same overarching theme, we will make more planters with your custom mold at that time. 

Experience the difference TerraCast Products provides to businesses big and small. We offer unmatched customized planters guaranteed to last for many years. Contact us today to learn more!