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Florida Business Landscaping Products That Will Save Money Year After Year

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Certain Florida business landscaping products are proven to save you money, not just from the get-go but year after year. Going with landscaping materials made to last over the long haul is your first winning bet to saving money. Our specially formulated long-lasting resin products are so popular amongst businesses because of their dependable strength and longevity. In proof, Times Square in New York City is decorated with our resin planters, which never corrode, crack or stain, not even from graffiti.

We know how to help Florida businesses save money on landscaping products; in fact we have helped businesses all over the map. Here are 6 landscaping product ideas that will practically pay for themselves. 

Prevent Wear And Tear From Florida Weather

If you live in a coastal region high levels of moisture and salt in the air can contribute to breaking down of materials. Purchase our specially formulated resin-based materials and erase the threat of corrosion. Due to the non-porous makeup of resin, water doesn’t have a chance to absorb into fixtures and create damaging corrosion. Resin products such as planters, trashcans, benches and lighting fixtures will save you money from the get-go by reducing how often you have to replace them.

resin-vs-stonePerks of resin include:

Maintenance free

  • Since resin doesn’t chip, peel or crack you never need to paint or maintain it in any way.


  • Our resin is non-hydroscopic, in other words it does not absorb moisture, thus preventing water damage from ever happening. This is especially useful for Florida’s coastal communities with higher levels of salt and moisture in the air.

Stain resistant

  • Thanks to the non-porous makeup of resin it does not absorb stains like other planter materials. As a result, it doesn’t stain at all. Even something as strong as graffiti is easy to remove with some water and soap.

Portable and lightweight

  • Planters and other landscaping elements are known for being heavy, making them tricky to maneuver when need be. Reduce the hassle associated with moving landscaping products by going with lightweight resin-based products. This also reduces the amount of shipping you pay due to weight.

Flexible appearance

  • Our resin planters are available in all different shapes, sizes, colors and overall appearance. Personalized options with your company logo, slogan or anything else are also available. If you prefer your resin to look like stone, we can do that for you too. This means you can enjoy the look of stone without the drawbacks such as cracking or chipping. 

All of our resin products are made in the USA and come with a 10-year guarantee.

Don’t Assume Cheaper Means Better

When it comes to professional landscaping materials you often get what you pay for. If you opt to go cheap you may end up having to replace things much quicker than expected. You may be able to find everything you need at your local public warehouse, but these materials are not made with businesses in mind. Businesses get a lot more traffic than residential locations, and as a result materials need to be able to stand up the associated challenges.

Go With Drought Tolerant Plants

The plants you purchase are just as important as other materials in regards to how much time and money will be required to maintain them. If you live in a dry climate go with drought-resistant plants to reduce your water bill and prevent sensitive plants from dying under your care. On the other hand, if you live in a moist climate, plants that prefer very moist soil are best.

Weed-Whacker & Water Resistant Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures provide aesthetic and safety benefits to your business. The last thing you want is a lighting fixture that is not going to stand up to things like water or a weed whacker.

Weed whackers often strike near the base of fixtures, at which point it shouldn’t chip. If it does, the entire structure is undoubtedly going to begin the process of corroding as water seeps beneath the top chipped layer. Stone, metal and plastic options are ALL going to crack, no matter what a sales attendant tries to tell you otherwise. Resin fixtures do not crack, meaning they will never corrode, thus providing a reliable source of lighting you can count on 365 days a year. 

Two-In-One Product Options

The more purposes one single landscaping product provides the better. A bench with storage beneath the seat and an attached planter gives you three things for the price of one. Looking for multi-faceted landscaping products such as this is a big aid to saving money and making better use of any space.  These products also make unique stand out elements that add star quality to business landscaping.

TL-3 landscape light- Ash GraniteLED Lighting

LED light bulbs will last year after year, long after traditional lights go out. This saves you time and money because you don’t have to replace them. LED lighting also requires a lot less electricity to operate while still giving off plenty of vibrant light. As a result you get great looking landscape lighting and a lower electricity bill each month. 

3 Other Tricks To Save Money On Business Landscaping

1. Make A Plan Before Taking Action

Planning is saving; it’s as simple as that. Knowing how you are going to design every inch of a space before you get started is so important when it comes to making the right decisions. It’s not uncommon for poor planning to end in things being ripped up, projects delayed and budgets blown.

2. Shop Online For Landscaping Products

Shopping online is the best way to compare prices and see what is available in regards to your goals, style and budget.

3. Don’t Overplant

When buying up landscaping products don’t get carried away ordering too many plants, bushes and trees. Overplanting is nothing you want to get mixed up with. For one, it can become a lot of work to maintain an overwhelming collection of plants. Secondly, it will cost you a lot more money. And thirdly, if plants are competing for root space they won’t grow as well. All of the plants you put into the ground or in planters are going to grow and take up more space. Less is more in the beginning, if one-year later things still look too sparse then maybe it’s time to decide to add more plants.

TerraCast Products is here to save your business time, money and hassles, just as we have for over 30 years. Contact us today to learn more.