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Importance Of Outdoor Garden Planter Materials

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Did you know that the materials your garden planters are made out of impact the success of your plants? It’s true! People tend to focus on the plants as opposed to the planter, but you don’t have to make the same mistake. Planter materials are hugely important and will make a difference in the outcome of your plants.

Planter materials include wood, resin, plastic, terra-cotta and more. Here’s an overview of some of the more common types of garden planter materials on the market, including pros and cons of each.

TerraCast Resin Commercial and Residential Planters

You aren’t going to find our specially formulated planter anywhere else other than TerraCast Products. TerraCast planters are the highest quality on the market thanks to our innovative process and uniquely curated materials. Our planters are truly made to withstand the elements, and surprisingly most planters on the market are not.


  • Non-porous, meaning our planters are far less susceptible to things like cracking and even stains from graffiti.
  • Resistant to a great deal of wear and tear thanks to a tough exterior. Our planters can withstand high heat and extreme cold.
  • UV-inhibitors are baked right into the resin, greatly reducing the amount of fading and color deterioration planters undergo even when placed in direct sunlight. This keeps planters looking like new for longer.
  • Despite how durable our planters are they are incredibly lightweight, making it easier to move them around as need be.
  • A long lasting planter equals happier plants that don’t have to go through the traumatic experience of repotting more often than necessary.
  • We also offer an additional attachment piece that transforms any one of our planters into a self-watering planter. Depending on the type plants you have and your local climate, you may want to consider this option.
  • All of our planters are approved for use on LEED certified products thanks to the fact they are recyclable, made from recycled materials, and manufactured with an eye on the environment.
  • They can be customized to look any way you want including a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and even personalized logos or graphics.


We might be a bit partial, but there are truly little to no cons to our planters. Sure, they might cost more than the plastic planters at your local hardware store, but they are going to last so much longer that they virtually pay for themselves.

Terra-Cotta Planters

Terra-cotta planters are very popular and are pretty much what you picture when you think of the word ‘garden planter.’


  • They are good looking planters.
  •  They are affordable and can be purchased at many stores.
  • They can be personalized to fit a wide range of styles.

Yet… the low-end price is there for several reasons. 


  • Terra-cotta is relatively heavy, making it difficult to move large planters once they are full of moist soil and foliage.
  • Perhaps the biggest drawback is how easily they break. All it takes is one tumble and the pot is likely to crack and split down the center.
  • Most types of terra-cotta can not withstand freezing cold temperatures and will need to be moved indoors during the winter.
  • Terra-cotta is a porous material, meaning it will lose water faster, thus causing the need to water plants more frequently. Due to being porous it will also absorb stains faster and easier than non-porous materials.

TerraCast planters can be made to imitate the classically cool look of terra-cotta, but without all of the major drawbacks.

Plastic Planters

Traditional plastic planters are available everywhere you look because they are cheap to manufacture.


  • Cheap and available at many locations
  • Available in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes.


  • Traditional plastic planters are made from the cheapest plastic materials around, meaning they will easily become brittle and break.
  • Won’t last a long time.
  • Can’t withstand extreme temperatures.

TerraCast planters are made from a type of plastic, but not the same cheap plastic you will find mass marketed.

Wood Planters

Wood is a unique planter choice gaining more popularity in recent years as people go for a more rustic look. Considering wood and water make a bad pair, it’s an interesting choice for a planter, but wood planters can be made using rot-resistant treated hardwood to help keep out water damage. 


  • Provide a nice, rustic look.
  • Plenty of options in terms of size and shape of wood planters.
  • Can withstand freezing temperatures.


  • Not all wood planters are made to proper specifications, meaning they may be susceptible to rot rather quickly as they are constantly exposed to moisture.
  • Wood planters are one of the heavier options, meaning moving them around isn’t an easy task.

Metal Planters

Metal planters offer a contemporary look that’s becoming increasingly popular.


  • You can find metal containers just about anywhere, from the store to the junkyard. 
  • Cheap and easy for DIY planters.
  • They provide a unique style statement.


  • While metal containers border being indestructible, they could destruct your plants. Since metallic surfaces naturally absorb more heat, this causes soil to dry out faster and plant roots to overheat.
  • Some fertilizer salts are known to corrode the finish off of certain metal types.

Glazed Ceramic Planters

Glazed ceramic planters are basically terra-cotta planters with a coat of shiny gloss on top.


  • Thanks to this top layer of sheen, they are pretty planters.
  • The top coating generally makes them non-porous, which is one thing they do have over terra-cotta.
  • Can withstand freezing temperatures if they are coated inside and outside, but many are not.


  • Tend to be pricier than other planters thanks to their glossy topcoat.
  • They break easily if dropped or tipped over.
  • If the interior of the pot is not coated it will not withstand freezing temperatures.

The Best Planters On The Market

There’s one common thread connecting almost all planter materials… and that’s the fact that they all come with plenty of drawbacks. That’s where TerraCast Products stand out amongst the competition; our planters don’t come with a laundry list of drawbacks. Instead, we created a quality planter truly made to withstand everything garden planters are routinely exposed to. Plus, our planters can be made to imitate the look of any material from terra-cotta to stone. 

Check out our huge selection of planters here: https://www.terracastproducts.com/product-category/planter/