The 3 Most Important Qualities Of Commercial Picnic Benches

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Commercial picnic benches should always include three simple principles: durable materials, appropriate functionality and high quality appearance. A picnic bench made with these 3 core things in mind is going to last a long time while serving as a place your customers actually want to sit back and relax.

Unfortunately, many commercial picnic benches are lacking in all three departments. That means you have to be extremely careful when ordering your next set of commercial picnic benches and tables.

TerraCast Products guarantees the highest quality and assortment of commercial picnic benches on the market. We are known for our durable products, proven to stand up to wear and tear, including fierce weather and patrons too!

We firmly follow the three strict principles listed above. Allow us to explain why durability of materials, overall functionality and appearances rank so importantly when it comes to quality commercial picnic benches and tables.

1. Durable Materials

The most important factor regarding commercial picnic benches is the quality of the materials and how well they can stand up to wear and tear. By nature, picnic benches are going to be sat on, kicked around, spilled on and left out in the snow. The key is to install picnic benches that are prepared to stand up to these challenges and more.

We offer a range of picnic bench materials, including our supreme durable TerraCast recycled resin blend plastic, as well as the highest quality wood varieties for a more classic, country look. All of our wood products are appropriately finished in order to protect against rot and splintering. All metal attachments are coated as well to protect against corrosion.

Roll Formed Perforated BenchesA well-made commercial picnic bench should also be able to withstand a good deal of weight. Commercial furniture is made to a higher standard than residential furniture because it must accommodate a vast range of weights. Certain weak or flimsy materials should be avoided at all costs. You don’t want your bench to break and injure someone innocently trying to enjoy the sunset. For one you could have a lawsuit on your hands, and secondly you just ruined someone’s evening. Make sure any bench meets rigorous weight requirements before installing in a commercial location. 

The materials a commercial picnic bench is made out of will also impact how easy it is to care for and keep up with. Our non-porous specially formulated plastic does not absorb stains, meaning you can simply spray off everything from bird poo to ketchup stains with a low-pressure garden hose. Even gum and graffiti comes off with ease, all you need is some WD-40, a rag and a little elbow grease.

Materials aren’t only about durability and low maintenance, but they should also work to create a cohesive appearance. Using the same or similar materials throughout any space creates a comfortable and appealing environment as opposed to a confusing or cluttered one.

When ordering site furnishings make sure all pieces are available in a variety of colors so that you can stay true to preexisting design themes and colors. All TerraCast Products come in a large assortment of colors and styles and can be personalized any way you want.

2. Appropriate Functionality

A bench is a bench… or is it? There are certain commercial picnic benches and tables that people prefer over others, simply due to functionality and overall comfort. The space you are outfitting serves as your key indicator to what sort of functionality benches require. Functionality is all about how easy and comfortable is to use the bench for its intended purposes.

For instance, if you are picking picnic benches that will go near a lake where people will frequently share meals, the bench needs to be comfortable as well as easy to access from all angles and sides for people big and small. There also needs to be a table big enough to accommodate a meal. You may also want to consider installing wheelchair accessible benches so that the location is friendly to all. On the other hand, if you are picking out benches to outfit a children’s preschool playground, you need smaller benches and tables that are fit for children to safely climb and comfortably sit on.

Backless_benches_700Other functionality variations include benches with back supports verse backless benches. The best option for a space largely relates to the age range a bench is meant to serve. Older patrons will prefer a back support to rest on, while younger kids may not notice either way.

Do you need tables with an umbrella, or is there a tree nearby that will provide natural shade? People may not want to sit at a bench if it’s in direct sunlight with no shade. On the other hand, if a bench provides an actual escape from the heat it becomes highly coveted.

The size of a picnic table is also relevant to its overall functionality. Picnic tables and benches vary considerably in size and shape, pick according to what serves your target audience best.

3. Overall Appearance

Appearances of commercial picnic benches are extremely important to your business image. Colors play a big role in setting a certain tone. If you are installing a picnic bench for children it’s always nice to add pops of bright colors—for example our popular multicolored 46” Children’s Round Table. (Reference)

Another example of using bench color to your advantage is if you’re putting a bench in a public work place that fights for the preservation of the ocean. In which case, an all-bright blue picnic bench will make quite a splash!

There are plenty of other ways to personalize commercial benches. We often personalize picnic benches with school names and business logos. See examples here:

The appearance of any bench also relates to the materials it is made from, because even the best looking bench will lose its luster if it’s not fit to withstand the elements. A bright blue bench could quickly fade to a weak shade of pale blue if it’s not properly constructed to combat the rays of the sun.

TerraCast Products offers a massive selection of commercial picnic benches and tables. We have every size, shape and color you could want, plus our products are proven to outlast the competition by years. Check out our unbeatable inventory here: