Introducing The Berkley Base

Introducing The Berkley Base

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TerraCast® Berkley base is picking up in popularity due to its durability and resistance to environmental factors. They can withstand exposure to UV radiation, moisture, and extreme temperatures, making them suitable for outdoor installations in various climates. Unlike conventional materials, resin is not susceptible to rust or corrosion, which is a common issue with metal pole bases. 

Rotomolded resin light pole bases are a popular choice in outdoor lighting projects due to their combination of durability, versatility, and ease of customization. They provide a reliable foundation for supporting lighting fixtures while withstanding the challenges posed by outdoor environments.

How We Made The Berkley Base? 

Rotational molding, also known as rotomolding or rotational casting, is a manufacturing process used to produce hollow, seamless products. It is a versatile technique that is particularly well-suited for creating large, complex, and durable resin parts, such as light post bases. With a clam shell style, the Berkley base not only offers superior aesthetics but is also easier to install. 

When it comes to providing optimal care for light posts against nature’s harshest elements, the Berkley Base goes above and beyond. They can withstand exposure to UV radiation, extreme temperatures, moisture, and other environmental factors without degrading or corroding. This longevity makes them a cost-effective choice for outdoor lighting projects.

Besides being durable and aesthetically fitting for every project, here are some additional benefits of our rotomolded Berkley base:

  1. Resin light pole bases require minimal maintenance over their lifespan. They do not require painting or sealing, as they are resistant to rust and corrosion. 
  2. Rotomolded resin bases can be designed to be relatively lightweight while maintaining strength, which simplifies handling and installation compared to heavier alternatives like concrete bases.
  3. At TerraCast®, we strive to minimize waste and reduce their environmental footprint. Our resin is made with up to 100% post-consumer recycled material and we ensure there is minimal environmental impact associated with its fabrication and manufacture.
  4. Our light post bases are graffiti resistant, meaning if anyone tries to paint or scribble on these products, you can easily erase them with over-the-counter cleaning agents. 

Why Resin for Concealment Products?

TerraCast® resin concealment shrouds and transition bases are designed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings while effectively concealing utilities such as electrical boxes, communication equipment, utility pipes, and junction boxes. Our resin is LLDPE which is weather-resistant and durable, capable of withstanding outdoor conditions, including rain, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations. This ensures the longevity of concealment solutions.

With TerraCast® concealment products, cities can take a huge leap forward in their efforts to make themselves more eco-friendly and sustainable. Besides reducing the carbon footprint of your project, our products can go a long way to uplift the aesthetic, functional, and safety parameters. Whether it is a public park, a busy intersection in the downtown area, or the parking lot of a mall, our resin light post bases and planters outshine their alternatives by a long margin. 

Additionally, our products are lightweight and more resilient to environmental factors compared to traditional materials like metal. And perhaps the most important benefit of resin shrouds is that they are non-porous. Since nothing seeps into their surface, resin concealment solutions can deter tampering, vandalism, or unauthorized access to utilities, thus protecting valuable infrastructure.

Final Words

At TerraCast®, all our planters and light pole bases are made through a process called Rotational Molding and come in a rainbow of colors. We can customize our products to match any color, design, or texture, making them a solid choice for virtually any project. If you wish to learn more about the Berkley Base or any other products, a member of our product service team would be more than happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!