Enhancing Community Identity With Custom Branding

Enhancing Community Identity With Custom Branding

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Enhancing community identity with custom branding is a powerful way to create a sense of belonging, unity, and pride among community members. Whether you’re working with a neighborhood, sports team, nonprofit organization, or any other type of community, it’s always great to have public markers as expressions of your community’s history, accomplishments, and other memorable moments. 

TerraCast® planters with custom logos can not only lend themselves to the aesthetics of the landscape but also induce community cohesion and recognition. We have the ability to print your logo or brand name on most of our products. This allows you to achieve and evolve your brand goals with us. 

Strengthening Community Identity with Custom Branding

A custom logo acts as a symbol that instantly communicates who the community is and what it stands for. It condenses complex ideas and emotions into a simple, recognizable image. Consistently using the custom logo across various markers, such as planters, light poles, and site furnishings, reinforces the community’s identity. It creates a cohesive and professional image, contributing to the overall success of the community. 

Moreover, TerraCast® products will go a long way to reflect the community’s shared values and vision for a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible future. Our products are made from resin, which is not only lightweight and durable but also virtually indestructible and maintenance-free. 

Why Resin?

TerraCast® creates the perfect solution for you no matter the size and location of the project. Our resin is a Linear Low-Density Polyethylene, which is far more economical and environmentally friendly than other materials like metal, wood, or granite. It’s non-hygroscopic, meaning it does not absorb moisture thus preventing it from corrosion, rusting, or rotting. Additionally, our resin does not stain since nothing seeps in or out. 

Our resin is nearly maintenance-free and will never need more than a simple wash or dusting. Last but not least, our products are vandalism-free since the formula of our resin does not easily bond with most paints. You can rest easy knowing that our products can withstand various conditions for long periods of time.

Evolve Your Brand with Custom Graphics

We can print custom graphics on most of our products. The size of the logo is typically from 3×3 to 11×17 or bigger as customization is needed for larger items. The colors used for printing the logo are made from resin and we can do monochromatic, black & white, or four-color designs. Since it is made from, the logo will never fade, chip, or need repainting. 

Our process to print logos, “mold-on”, involves heat-transferring the logo directly into the mold so it embeds neatly. If you’d like to send us custom designs for your logo, you can do so by sending us the vector file. Our custom graphics are a great option for companies, sports teams, malls, public parks, and anyone who’d like to promote their brand via our logo-branded products. 

Final Take

At TerraCast®, we feel that a logo can tell a story or convey a message about the community’s history, goals, or values through its design elements and symbolism. Custom graphics for TerraCast® products are a great way for businesses and communities to uplift their public presence and enhance their identity. 

Our line of products made from resin includes planters, light pole bases, lightning posts, site furnishings, and more. To learn more about custom graphics or our products, get in touch with us today. If you are looking for a quote, suggestion on our products, or more information on our manufacturing process, our product service team would be more than happy to assist you.