Keeping Your Container Plants Healthy and Beautiful

Keeping Your Container Plants Healthy and Beautiful

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Whether you are an avid gardener, a novice, or simply want to keep your home or business looking its best, keeping your container plants healthy and beautiful is important. Most often, attractive planters are used to welcome visitors into homes and businesses via walkways leading to entryways. In these planters, you can choose plants, flowers, trees, herbs, and more. Today, TerraCast shares, not only how to choose the best container, but also how to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

Choose the Best Container

When choosing the best container for your plants, there are myriad of options available. From lightweight plastic planters to terracotta pots to bushel baskets, the variations are endless. The design and function of the plant you choose is key in determining what will be best for your application. Do you want a lightweight, durable, maintenance free option that can complement your property and help you keep your plants healthy and beautiful? Then look no further than TerraCast products where their innovative resin planters deliver function and style for your home or business, beautifying your space. One of the main concerns when choosing a planter is watering and drainage, which can effectively harm your plant when not done correctly. At TerraCast, the self-watering planter attachment handles it for you ensuring the care and well-being of your plants. The attachment is available for nearly the entire TerraCast line of planters and is easily installed with the promise of helping you to keep your plants beautiful year-round.

Choose Your Plants

Now that you have selected the best container for your plants, it is time to choose your plants. Part of the process includes determining a couple of important factors like the amount of light in the area your planter will be located, the size you want your plants to be when fully grown, and whether or not the plants are suitable for planters. In addition, if you plan to change plants with the seasons, it is important to know what is currently in season, as well as what plants flourish in your climate. Your favorite local nursery can help with ideas for seasonal changes, as well as the best plants for your region and climate. Here are some ideas for plants categorized by their love for shade or sun.

Container Plants for Sunny Spots

  • Coleus
  • Roses
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • African daisy
  • Dahlia
  • Lantana
  • Zinnia


Container Plants for Shady Areas

  • Caladium
  • Fuchsia
  • Impatiens
  • Ferns


Container Plants for Sun and Shade

  • Salvia
  • Petunia
  • Nemesia

Choosing Your Soil

Selecting the soil to fill your planters is key to helping your plants thrive. Always use fresh potting soil which will be free from weeds as well as other diseases which could harm your new plants. Potting soil features decomposed organic materials, including peat or sphagnum moss, which helps it retain moisture and not dry out. Other components of potting soil include lightweight volcanic rocks like perlite, as well as mineral aggregates which work to keep the soil in your containers at the proper texture. Potting soil is airy and lightweight, designed to keep oxygen flowing and plants growing heartily. You will want to choose a potting soil with the appropriate pH balance for the plants you have selected, to ensure the roots get the air, nutrition, and moisture they require for optimal growth. Adding a time-released fertilizer is a great way to save time and ensure healthy plants.

Caring for Your Plants and Planters

If you have chosen TerraCast Product’s containers, your planters are carefree requiring little to no maintenance for years to come. For your plants, you will still need to give them the needed care – including watering, feeding (fertilizing), and deadheading (pinching off flowers as they fade) – which will ensure you have beautiful and healthy container plants all season long.