Picking the Best Plants for Spring

Picking the Best Plants for Spring

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Are you looking for the best ideas to brighten up your garden? Well, picking the best plants for spring is a great point to start. Springs evoke a sense of lightness, freshness, and renewal in the atmosphere. Even though it’s Florida, where it hardly snows, you can still feel and appreciate the spring blooms. Some of the best plants that do well in this part of the US include:

  •     Pentas

If you love and cherish beautiful plants with charming flowers but you’re too absorbed in your career, Pentas will do. They do well even with low maintenance allowing you to neglect your role once in a while. Further, they have a nonstop bloom allowing you to enjoy their flowers throughout. 

Talking of flowers, they come in clusters of white, red, pink, or lavender. They’re gorgeous with a striking appeal to butterflies and hummingbirds. When you’re positioning it in the garden, expose them to full sunlight. However, if there’s too much shade, this plant can still handle that.

  •     Lavender

Planting lavender is not optional. This is a striking plant with beauty and sweet fragrance. As such, it tends to attract various types of butterflies to your garden. Also, it’s drought-tolerant making it a low maintenance option. The blooms are violet-purple, pink, or white. 

Owing to their fragrance, they’re the best flowers for walkways, because when rubbed against them, they release the charming fragrance. For the best result, have your lavenders directly under the sun. Keep them away from sprinklers and plant them in soil with excellent drainage. 

  •     Evolvulus

If you’re looking for a ground cover plant for your spring garden, this will do. Evolvulus have beautiful blooms with a distinct true blue. Against their silvery foliage, the flowers are strikingly appealing. Like Pentas, they also have a non-stop bloom. Therefore, your garden will put up a colorful display the entire season. 

While they’re ground covers, you can still plant them in planters to create a spilling effect. One of the noteworthy characteristics includes tolerance to drought. Therefore, it’s also an option for those who often forget to water their garden. 

  •     Mexican Heather 

This is a popular plant across Florida with dark green and shiny leaves. Its charm is the pink, lavender, and white bloom that stands out against the dark foliage background. It’s a plant that will not only last through spring, but the entire year. Mexican Heather is small when they are fully established, therefore, they’re easy to maintain in the garden. Also, they create a dense groundcover. Being a low maintenance option, you can enjoy its bloom without worrying about care and maintenance. It does well in full sunlight or partial shade.

  •     Blue Salvia 

If you can’t get enough of the Lavender theme, Blue Salvia will be a great addition to your garden. It blooms in violet or white creating a spectacular display. Further, it’s a plant that will flourish in summer, and winter besides spring. It’s a favorite plant of butterflies and hummingbirds. 

Therefore, if you want a cross-pollination garden, Blue Salvia will attract potential pollinators. Further, Blue Salvia does well in planters, and they’re low-maintenance. If you’re having a varmint problem, the scent from this plant can deter both deer and rabbits. 

Getting Started

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