Planters to Enhance Your Wedding Décor

Planters to Enhance Your Wedding Décor

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Exquisite fresh cut flowers are often featured in wedding décor, while the beauty potted plants can deliver is overlooked. The truth is the two features can go in hand in hand complementing and supplementing one another to present a fresh, many times unexpected grandeur to your special day. Well-chosen plants in premium planters can bring added loveliness to your wedding décor, it also means you and your fiancé can enjoy them for years after your wedding day is past. 

From the ceremony to the reception planters filled to overflowing with your favorite plants offers up some prettiness to hold onto and enjoy after the wedding. Perhaps you and your fiancé have an attachment to certain flowers (roses, orchids, hydrangeas, sunflowers) because they conjure up memories of your first meeting or your first date. Maybe you both enjoy cooking and culinary adventures, which might make herbs (rosemary, lavender, basic, thyme, oregano) the perfect accoutrement in your potted plant décor. Perhaps you’d enjoy tropical plants (hibiscus, lilies, violets, palms) at your wedding, making your honeymoon to tropical climes even more memorable on your return to them in your new home. Whatever the two of you enjoy, potted plants in decorative planters can showcase your personalities and enrich your wedding décor, even if you are on a budget.

The Advantages of Choosing Potted Plants

While the eco-friendly benefits of potted plants are obvious advantages, choosing plants and planters can be considerably less expensive if you and your fiancé  are willing to put in a bit of legwork for your special day. You might even decide to cut back on fresh cut flowers and add more potted plants filled with beautiful greenery to increase the volume of your fresh décor while still keeping your budget in line.

Here are some tips to help you use decorative planters with flowers and foliage to enhance your wedding and reception décor.

  • Set the tone with designer planters. At TerraCast Products, you’ll find planters to complement your wedding and reception theme. From peaceful Zen to rustic woodland, tropical paradise to vintage romance, modern vibes to whimsical feels, TerraCast resin planters can deliver in the style and color of your choice. Plus, after the wedding, these planters and the plants you’ve chosen can go on to enhance the décor or your new home and your outdoor spaces for years to come.
  • Vary Shapes and Heights with Planters and the Plants inside. For a beautiful look, consider gathering small planters with low-growing plants around tall planters with topiaries or tall decorative grasses to bring a rich texture to your décor.    
  • Use Potted Plants in Unexpected Ways. Small potted plants, like succulents or herbs, can serve as escort card holders or as centerpieces for reception tables while larger plants can be used to line the aisle and create additional interest with color and texture. When lining the ceremony aisle always choose plants and planters which will create memorable entrance and showcase the wedding party as the enter, with a special nod to the bride, of course. Small potted plants can also be used during the wedding and serve as wedding favors for your guests following the ceremony.
  • Embrace your personal style. If you and your fiancé enjoy the great outdoors, ferns and other leafy plants can help you incorporate your woodland style. After your honeymoon, they can also set a peaceful, soothing outdoorsy tone to your new home.  If cooking is your passion, fresh herbs offer a variety of shapes and sizes and look beautiful while lending subtle scents to your wedding events. As a bonus, when you return from your honeymoon, you’ll have the fresh herbs to cook up all your favorites.