Improve Your Landscaping – Increase Tenant Occupancy

Improve Your Landscaping – Increase Tenant Occupancy

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While improving your rental property’s landscaping may not be a top priority, it should. In fact, enhancing your commercial landscaping can actually increase tenant occupancy in your property – whether your property is an apartment complex or a shopping center.  Rental property, in nearly all its iterations, needs tenants to ensure a profit. Attention to landscape details, from planters to plants, lighting to site furnishings, can help you boost the number of tenants in your property and keep them there for the long term.

The curb appeal provided by quality, charming landscaping choices can attract renters to your apartment complex and business tenants to your shopping areas with ease. By choosing premium products like TerraCast Product’s Planters and Lighting, upkeep becomes easy with maintenance-free long-lasting options to beautify your property and welcome new tenants while retaining existing ones. Let’s explore all the ways you can improve your landscaping and increase your tenant occupancy.

Flowers and Trees

Often flowers are included in a landscape plan, and for good reason, flowers offer season color that is unmatched and welcoming to tenants. Even so, flowers do require regular watering and some upkeep. You can maximize the appeal and appearance of flowers in your landscape plan with the use of self-watering planters in strategic areas of your property. For example, some great options for flowers in self-watering planters in your business are your entryway, offices, and common areas. In apartment buildings, the same is true for entryways, offices, as well as amenities – the clubhouse, swimming pool, playground, and other community spaces. Intentional placement of flowers means you can change plants seasonally and easily while attracting tenants all year long.

If trees are a part of your landscape plan, it is important to plan for ongoing maintenance. Whether you utilize planters for trees or the natural landscape of your property, trees need to be pruned and shaped to ensure not only their aesthetics but also their health. When left unattended, oversized branches and too full foliage can cause problems. Falling limbs can damage the landscape below or your property, while a thick tree canopy can destroy the grass and flowers beneath its shade. On the other hand, well-maintained trees mean enhanced landscape, and so a charming, inviting appearance to your property.


Hardscape areas offer opportunities for community spaces which tenants appreciate. From rooftop gardens to patios to parklets hardscaping allows for considerable flexibility in landscaping, using planters, benches, and lighting to create enjoyable spaces where apartment tenants can gather with friends. In commercial developments, tenants, their employees, and even customers enjoy the escape beautifully designed hardscape areas afford them. At TerraCast, you’ll find everything you need to create beautiful relaxing hardscapes, including planters, chairs, benches, tables, umbrellas, and even bike racks and grills, all of which can be customized for your property. 

TerraCast Products

Choosing the best, highest quality products to improve your landscaping for most businesses means choosing low maintenance, durable, long lasting, and beautiful planters, lighting, and site furnishings and TerraCast can help. At TerraCast you will find experienced design professionals with premium quality made in USA products to meet your landscaping needs. Using resin and PolySteel® our products are 75 percent lighter and nearly indestructible, plus TerraCast products are customizable from color to design.  In addition, TerraCast resin does not stain, rust, discolor, pit, corrode, chip, crumble, or crack, and on top of that it is recyclable. Are you ready to improve your landscaping and increase your tenant occupancy? Call on TerraCast today to enhance your landscape, grow your tenant base, and increase your bottom line!