Preparing Dining Outdoor Seating for Cooler Nights

Preparing Dining Outdoor Seating for Cooler Nights

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Fall is here, consistently cooler temperatures are becoming the norm for many states. This means that restaurant owners will need to get extra creative when it comes to preparing their outdoor open seating and thriving all year round. Adding outdoor seating areas is one proven efficient solution. From furniture, tables, lighting, and other key components of a successful cooler weather outdoor seating experience. TerraCast Products have everything you can think of to prepare your outdoor seating and while at it, make it the best for you and your customers.


If you are going to have a seating area for cooler nights, sufficient lighting is important to enjoy meals past sundown. Subtle and soft lighting can add to the comfortable and cozy vibes of outdoor seating. Eating and clearing a table is hard and might even lead to a few broken dishes. Adding lampposts around the outdoor setting is another great option. In-ground lighting will also work well while creating a more romantic vibe.

Add a Source of Heat 

The fall season comes with some chilly nights. How will you keep your customers from freezing or catching a cold? Simple, add a source of heat. Heat lamps are one option for you. Adding a fire table centerpiece is another option. This will bring the heat as the customers are dining outside. Infrared heaters are another viable option that restaurant owners can buy or rent. These commercial heaters can be located around the restaurant or around the tables to ensure customers remain comfortable and warm as they enjoy their meal.


Any outdoor eating area is completed with just the right amount of greenery. Not only plant the most eco-friendly option but are also pleasing to see. Just make sure the plants you choose don’t attract any unwanted guests such as pesky bugs that will annoy your customers. Be sure to research the best plants to ensure you don’t get any that will be a source of food for insects. Adding planters around your tables can also add a nice touch. TerraCast Products self-watering planters can help maintain your green oasis, and best of all you don’t need to worry about watering them frequently.

Protect Your Table from Elements 

Your outdoor table may require covering from elements, especially during harsh weather conditions. If your outdoor eating area is covered sufficiently, your customers can enjoy a nice meal regardless of what the weather has in store. Ensure that your chairs, tables, and any other accessories you might have can withstand harsh weather. Outdoor dining furniture should be rustproof, waterproof, and built to withstand the outdoors. TerraCast landscaping products are manufactured with a specially formulated resin that does not rust, stain, corrode, or break down no matter the weather. They are just what you need this fall season.

Outdoor Trashcans 

With dining comes the need to discard stuff. Ensure your outdoor dining area has durable and easy-to-locate trashcans nearby, but not too close because no one wants to get stuck enjoying an otherwise nice meal near a trashcan. Place them a few feet away from the dining area but close enough to locate them when needed.

TerraCast Products offers the highest quality lighting fixtures, planters, trashcans, tables, and benches to make the perfect outdoor seating area. We can guarantee that our specially formulated products never stain, rust or rot. When preparing that dining outdoor seating for cooler nights, remember TerraCast Products can help. Get in touch with TerraCast Products to get it started!