Preparing Outdoor Seating for the Winter Months

Preparing Outdoor Seating for the Winter Months

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If you are not prepared, the fall and winter seasons can wreak havoc on your restaurant’s outside seating. However, taking the proper precautions can ensure that it is weatherproof before the harsh winter months arrive. Here is how to ensure that your outdoor seating area is prepared for the worst while still looking its finest.

Use the Right Furniture

When it comes to outdoor seating, one item you must pay attention to is the furniture. TerraCast offers furniture that is customized, weather-resistant, light-weight, eco-friendly, and almost indestructible. We offer a wide range of styles to best fit the mood you want to create in your outdoor seating area. A few of our chairs include the Willow Bench, the Cambridge Bench, and the Economizer Flat Bench. Every one of our products is extremely easy to clean, maintenance-free, and durable.

Outdoor Table

For tables, you will want the ones anchored for the sake of durability and security. Which is exactly what you will get from TerraCast. We deliver unique table designs for your outdoor seating. Our picnic tables are the best option for projects that call for sustainable materials. They are impervious to weather, insects, and they are free to maintain. They come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate all your needs. They are just what you need when preparing for the outdoor seating for the winter months.

Make the Space Enjoyable

When preparing for outdoor seating for the winter months, remember to dress up the place. The best way to do that is decorating using greenery. Not only are plants pleasing to the eye but they are also the most eco-friendly option. That is something your customers will appreciate. TerraCast self-watering planters and inserts will help you maintain the green oasis in your restaurant without the added worry and stress of watering your plants.

Add Lighting

In darker times of the year, bringing outdoor lighting to your seating area can make a huge impact. It increases the ambiance of the outdoor seating. You can always coordinate your lighting with the type of atmosphere you want your outdoor seating to have. If you keep low lighting, this will encourage your clients to look outside at the wintry sights. TerraCast Products offers you a unique selection of outdoor lighting. From complete light poles to lighting accessories to refresh your current light poles, TerraCast has you covered. 

Outdoor Fireplace

There is nothing nicer than enjoying a warm meal by a fire on a cold winter night. A fire will add light, sound, and heat to create a welcoming atmosphere that is inviting to your customers. As many restaurants continue to monetize outdoor seating, an outdoor fireplace can be very beneficial. Fire is bold and dramatic, and it always dazzles the people passing by with warmth and light. Portable fire bowls, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces are all increasing in popularity.

Tent and Shade Structures

Enclosing your patio with a tent or shade structure is another way to retain the heat that’s generating. A shade structure is a good solution that gives your outdoor seating more usable restaurant space. It also protects your customers during rainy days. A tent or a shade allows you to stay open and serve more guests during the winter months. With outdoor seating taking place on roads and parking lots, a tent would be beneficial.

TerraCast Products

Are you ready to get started on that amazing outdoor seating? If you want to learn more about our products and how we can assist in preparing outdoor seating for the winter months, visit our website at Our team is always ready to assist you to get started on your project. Whether it is creating the perfect outdoor patio or just adding a few seating options, we got you covered. Contact us today!