Creating a Winter Hangout Space

Creating a Winter Hangout Space

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As the weather begins to slightly change and the holiday moves through, a winter breeze enters into the atmosphere. Depending on if you live in Florida or outside the state will determine the change of weather. However, what seems to remain true despite any location, is at least a slight shift in regular weather patterns. Many enjoy the winter season, but there can be more of a tendency to stay indoors. Whether it is a restaurant or business, the patterns of seasonal seating and hangout areas shift. Rather than allowing for the indoor space to be the norm for winter, it is possible to change up the scene and create the perfect outdoor winter hangout space. When looking for ways to change up the scenery, TerraCast products can offer plenty of ideas on how to create a warm and comfortable winter hangout spot.




The first step of action before any decorations or seating gets placed is location. Where is the hangout spot going to be? Location is everything for businesses to consider. Many people do not enjoy the idea of standing on dirt. Therefore, concrete or short grass can be a better option to lean towards. If you are a restaurant seeking to expand an outdoor bar or lounge area, the perfect landscape scene might be concrete or perhaps a patio area. If a restaurant already contains a patio area, then this can be the perfect spot.




The next step would be how to keep guests or workers warm. While the weather drop might not be too significant for some areas, some guests can simply get even the slightest bit chilly. By adding a fire or heat warmers around the hangout areas, guests can enjoy the outdoors during the evening. Ensure the heat warmers are easy to move around in the case they need to be. It is also best to ensure there is enough in the area in case guests ask for one to be nearby. If a built-in fireplace is not possible to have, there is no need to worry. A portable fireplace should do the trick. An outdoor fireplace can be best in an area surrounded by benches. In this area, guests can enjoy drinks and snacks while chatting around the fire. The scene can provide a more intimate feel for guests to be comfortable.




Now that heat is taken care of, the next step is considering furniture. What is the goal of the outdoor hang out space to look like? More seating or selected spread out areas that are not cramped? Terracast offers a variety of benches to choose from, including the cambridge bench that allows for back support and the cambridge flat bench. TerraCast offers a variety of different benches and even tables. Tables and benches are made out of 100% recycled materials with UV inhibitors. The durable benches are able to last years without any need for maintenance. The weather resistant materials make it perfect for winter. 



Now onto the fun part of creating a winter hangout, decorations. Planters are the perfect and most simple decoration pieces. TerraCast offers a variety of different planters with some of them being simple. The round pedestal planter has a simple monolithic design. The lightweight planter is small and easy to move around and blend into a winter scene. The San Juan Tall is another planter that is ideal for decorative plants to small trees. Businesses can use the planter for either a side table decor piece or a corner aesthetic. 


When in need of creating the perfect winter hangout, TerraCast can assist. For more information, contact TerraCast today.