• Great for decorative plants to small trees depending on size.
• Available in 20 color/texture variations
• Lightweight
• High durability
• Low – No Maintenance
• Graffiti Resistant


The modernly styled Brickell collection embraces sleek, sharp, tapered straight lines. In its corners you’ll see ever so delicate radius.  The resin made Brickell planters, inspired by the interior containers found in many hotels, bars and restaurants and made from fiberglass, are meant to take up residence in shabby chic designs rather than traditional ones.   The planters, available in three sizes, 15″, 17”, and 22″ outer diameters, in varying heights, are sure to add modern styling and elegance to any area where installed.    The Brickell Planters will enliven both interiors and exteriors with their inverted pyramidal designs while ensuring maximum longevity.

Self Watering Attachment
Installation Instructions