Slip Over Sleeve

Comes only in black. Sold only in a bundle of 10. Shipping costs provided upon request.

There comes a time when painting the trusted old round Aluminum Pole isn’t fun anymore.  First you’ve got to sand it, then you’ve got to prime it, and then you’ve got to paint it.  A process that takes, at best, 2-3 days, can be solved forever with the addition of a slip over sleeve made by TerraCast.  This hollow, resin made “sleeve,” has an inner diameter of 3” and is made to slip-fit over an existing 3” Outer Diameter pole.  The sleeve comes in lengths of 9 feet and can be cut down to accommodate poles of any lesser length.  Available only in a bundle of 10.  The slip over sleeve will transform your plain pole into a decorative eye catcher as the exterior of the shell has a fluted design molded right into its 1/8” wall.  Look at the pictures, you’ll be amazed.


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