Fluted Pole Sleeve

The new patent-pending decorative fluted post sleeve is made to transform a standard 10-inch non-tapered plain Pipe into an aesthetically pleasing, non-corrosive, weather-resistant beautiful pole or tower by dramatically enhancing the exterior look. The sleeve comes with all of the hardware necessary for installation. Our Fluted Sleeve offers a flexible solution to your monopole by allowing the sections to stack on top of each other to obtain a specific height. The sleeve can be cut as needed to allow for openings for equipment access on-site or at your workshop prior to shipping to the job site.

The sleeve should be pulled open just wide enough to fit around the diameter of the pole, above the decorative base. Once the collar is around the pole and resting atop the base, it can be closed and secured again by tightening the collar and outer lip screws.

Sizing & Specs

Pole Diameter Sleeve Height Material Spec Sheet
10" (10.75" Outer Diameter) 94.5" resin Download
All measurements are nominal. Please allow up to 1/4 inch variances.