Rebase Light Poles

Rebase Light Poles

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Have you begun noticing the base of your light poles corroding or otherwise being damaged? Traditional light pole bases are prone to damage from landscaping equipment, vehicles, road salts, and many others, in addition to salt and moisture from the air corroding the base and weakening its stability. 

Because the maintenance and repair costs for traditional light pole bases can be costly, TerraCast instead offers resin bases as a more durable and affordable solution. These resin bases attach to your existing light poles to protect them from further damage by eliminating points of entry for moisture and salt, preventing any further corrosion to the base. Here are some reasons for considering our resin bases over alternatives.

TerraCast Bases are Fraction of the Cost of Aluminum Parts

Traditionally, aluminum is one of the most common materials used to make light pole bases, but it is not without issues. In comparison, resin-made light pole bases cost less to manufacture and are lighter than aluminum, making them cheaper to build and ship to our clients. This makes resin not only more durable but more cost-effective than alternative materials for light pole bases to install and maintain.

  • Resin will never rust or corrode – Traditional metal light poles have a thin layer of enamel that deteriorates over time, creating small gaps and entry points for rust and corrosion, which will compromise the entire light pole. Resin is more durable than metal alternatives as it will never rust or corrode, remaining in an excellent condition far longer.
  • Resin will never need painting and will not chip or peel – Metal light poles rust and corrode, making it necessary to repaint periodically to keep them in good shape. By contrast, resin does not chip or peel, so you will never be forced to give it a paint job to restore its appearance.
  • Resin Bases protect the bottom of the post from exterior elements – In most environments, light poles are exposed to moisture, road salts, landscape equipment, pet urine, and traffic, all of which can damage and affect the stability of the entire light pole over time. With a resin base, the bottom can be protected from the elements, ensuring the light pole lasts as long as possible. 

Benefits of TerraCast Decorative Light Pole Bases

If your light poles are beginning to fall into poor condition, attaching a resin base can help prolong their lifespan and reduce any further deterioration. Resin is a lightweight material with industrial-grade strength that is more durable than metal or stone alternatives, and can save you money. 

When compared to aluminum, resin is more affordable to produce, and its light weight makes it more affordable to ship and easier to install, making it far more cost-effective and reducing overhead costs. Due to its durability, you will not have to perform regular maintenance as you might have to with stone or metal, allowing savings on maintenance costs over the long term. 

In addition to resin’s lower costs and durability, you can customize the color of your product to match the light pole or environment as well as add any custom graphic designs, should you want. 

Consider TerraCast To Rebase Light Poles 

TerraCast provides environmentally friendly and safe materials and products for customers across the United States, using resin-based products. Resin is a non-hygroscopic material (which does not absorb moisture from the air and suffer water damage) that is strong and durable in addition to being graffiti and weather resistant. If you are looking to rebase your light poles with an eco-friendly and reliable solution, give us a call today for a quote. All of our products are made in the U.S.A and come with a 10-year warranty.