The Benefits of Made in the USA

The Benefits of Made in the USA

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At TerraCast Products, you’ll find a family owned and operated company, one in which every product is made in the USA. All TerraCast properties – offices, factories, warehouses, and facilities are on American soil. Why is that so important? Made in the USA offers benefits galore, not only for the employees of TerraCast but for everyone who choses to buy American. Here, let’s explore the benefits of buying Made in the USA TerraCast Products.

Creating and Keeping Jobs in America

As manufacturing shifted to outsourcing, American jobs were lost, and a recession followed. Americans were encouraged to buy American made products again and the economy improved. Since that time, some manufacturing jobs have even returned to the United States. In fact, buying Made in the USA products reduces the country’s trade deficit, enhances economic growth, and supports a higher tax base. As the demand for American made products grows, manufacturing facilities continue to return, and more Americans are employed. A thriving economy means a decrease in unemployment, increases in pay, and more jobs for Americans. Buying American made products helps the economy, which benefits all Americans.

Strict Labor Standards

The United States has strict labor standards, prohibiting the exploitation of workers (sweatshops, child labor, low product standards, and even lower pay). Buying poorly made products from overseas contribute to unfair, unjust, and unsafe labor practices so businesses can increase profits. Supporting American made products means safe working conditions, good salaries for employees, and profits for businesses as well as higher quality products for consumers.

Environmental Protection

The United States also upholds stringent manufacturing guidelines related to the environment unlike some countries where manufacturing facilities are unregulated often resulting in environmental damage and toxic waste. When purchasing less expensive foreign made products, you may be contributing to pollution and environmental damage, which is a big problem for the planet humanity shares.

Many businesses in the United States are making the decision to be LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design guided by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)), securing their position as global leaders protecting the environment. If your business is LEED Certified or working toward LEED certification, your company is required to practice environmentally conscious guidelines and TerraCast Products can help. How? TerraCast provides durable long-lasting products made in the United States using sustainable practices, in fact, some of our products are made with nearly 100 percent recycle post- consumer materials.

Premium Quality Products with Your Health and Safety in Mind

The higher standards to which United States manufacturing facilities are held means higher quality products for consumers. Purchasing cheaper foreign made products often means frequent replacements, while Made in the USA products often mean longer lasting higher quality products. Though the cost is slightly higher, in the end you will save money by avoiding costly and frequent replacements.

Buying American Made products also protects the health and safety of you, your family members, your employees, and your customers. Again, stringent manufacturing requirements mean Made in the USA products don’t contain harmful levels of toxic substances like their counterparts from countries with no manufacturing guidelines. U.S. Federal safety standards mean you don’t have to be concerned about lead or other toxins which could poison innocent consumers.

At TerraCast Products

At TerraCast Products, you will find a higher standard and quality of products Made Proudly in the USA like the complete line of resin planters which can be customized for your home or business.  TerraCast resin planters are crafted from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene up to 100 percent recycled and recyclable material. TerraCast also holds environmental friendliness as a top priority, using sustainable, green processes to create premium products which are virtually indestructible.