Using Planters in Holiday Design Décor

Using Planters in Holiday Design Décor

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The holiday season is fast approaching and Christmas is the perfect time to add plants to enhance your holiday décor. Planters are the perfect accoutrement to your holidays when filled with evergreens, holiday flowers, and even ornaments. At home, from the front porch to the patio or at the office from the walkway to the entryway, planters filled with seasonal plants and flowers keep the season bright from winter until spring. When choosing plants for outdoor planters, remember depending on where you live or work, evergreens will stay beautiful all winter long when temperatures hang around the forties most of the day. Here are some ideas for holiday planters for your home or business this year.

Choosing Your Design

If you will be acting as the designer for this year’s planters, you’ll want to abide the garden designers beloved principle – the thriller, filler, spiller technique. As a reminder for seasoned gardeners and a tutorial for novices, the thriller, filler, and spiller tenant is simple. The thriller portion is an upright element, twice the height of your chosen planter. Thrillers can be tall plants like ornamental grasses or evergreens or cut branches like curly willow or white birch. If you chose cut branches or grasses, place them in a small container to hold them together and then add them to your final planter. 

Fillers can be evergreens, berry bushes, or cut eucalyptus or evergreen boughs. Spillers are placed at the edge of the planter, spilling over the sides. With a natural flow, white pine and cypress are ideal spillers for your holiday planter.

The Best Cut Greens

If you plan to use cut greens in your holiday planters, evergreens are great choices, but you can treat broadleaf greens like holly with berries using an anti-desiccant to keep colors bright for a long time. An anti-desiccant or antitranspirant spray adds a waxy protective coating reducing water loss and preserving your greenery. When choosing or cutting your own, select a variety of green hues as well as textures for the best result. While cut greens are beautiful and traditional for holiday planter décor, don’t hesitate from using lovely live plants, which thrive in your area, and promise to stay beautiful all winter long.

Adding Ornaments

Whether you want a Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa theme or prefer to opt for a neutral winter theme, there are lots of options from which to choose. Some neutral ideas include natural elements like shells, coconut hulls, twigs, or add stars, snowflake, or lights, depending on your décor. If you choose themed ornaments, you can also remove them after the holiday has passed and continue to enjoy your plants and greenery all winter.

Choosing Planters for Holiday Design

As you prepare to use planters in your holiday design, you may want to switch out your traditional planters for more festive options. You can choose non-traditional containers like old mailboxes or worn winter boots or choose high quality planters which can withstand whatever winter brings to your region – snow, rain, wind, or sun. At TerraCast Products, you can find a wide array of beautiful high-quality planters to enhance your holiday décor. Choose the deep green Leaf to create a monochromatic holiday display or the ornate Cabana Pedestal for a touch of Christmas chic. Each premium resin planter from TerraCast is made in America and designed from Linear Low Density Polyethylene making them extremely lightweight. TerraCast planters are known to be durable, maintenance free, long-lasting and virtually indestructible. Plus, they promise to be a beautiful addition to your holiday décor this year and can be customized with color and texture to complement the décor at your home or business.