The Benefits of Self Watering Plants in Summer

The Benefits of Self Watering Plants in Summer

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The summer months are some of the most anticipated months of the season. With fun new summer activities, travel options, and maybe even some extra time for relaxation at home, why would we not be excited for this time of the year? With that being said, because these extra summer hobbies and activities are so entertaining, they may distract us from some of our smaller responsibilities such as watering our plants for example. Not to worry, for we have all lost a plant or two by forgetting to water it at the appropriate time. In addition to simply forgetting to water our plants, the plant’s need for water also increases during these summer months. So, how can fix this problem and avoid losing yet another plant in our home? The answer is simple: Self-watering planters.

It is important to understand the watering needs of our plants during these summer months. As the days grow longer and the weather only gets warmer, we humans and our plants will require more water. In fact, plants are very similar to us as they are living things. Therefore, during the warmer seasons, they tend to sweat a bit more, similar to us humans, and will therefore require a bit more water; again, just as we humans do during the summer months. It is crucial to take a few moments each day to observe your plants to see if they may be asking for more water. The best way to check on this is to simply check the soil in your planter.

In addition to simply checking up on your plants and their soil, you can also help make things easier on yourself and the plants by investing in a self-watering planter. For example, the Self-Watering Reservoir TC-WWR12 from TerraCast Products will fill any planter with an inside base diameter of 13″ and above. All installation instructions are also available on our website beneath the product description.

With that in mind, let us also discuss a few more benefits of self-watering planters overall. Yes, these self-watering planters are great for those of us plant lovers who get a little bit too busy to remember to water them as needed, but there are more benefits than just the added convenience of the self-watering planter. These benefits include:

1. These self-watering planters help retain nutrients for your plants

Yes, it’s true. With self-watering planters and attachments, you should be able to find that your plants will flourish with healthy nutrient levels.

2. Self-watering planters also help conserve water

Whether you are a gardener or simply someone who loves to care for their plants in their home, conserving water is always a concern, especially in areas with dry climates. Therefore, if you want to help save water, consider investing in one of these self-watering attachments. Watering amounts are considerably lower with self-watering planters while still being able to retain a healthy environment for growing your plants.

3. Self-watering planters encourage healthy root growth

Gardeners and at-home plant lovers alike are aware that shallow watering of their plants and crops leads to shallow root growth. The self-watering planters and attachments will allow you to deep water the container without any issues of root rot.

4. You will save time

Last but not least, these attachments will, of course, help save us time as previously mentioned above.

Be sure to take a look at a few of our Self-water planter options when you visit TerraCast Products. With 5 different self-watering attachments, you are guaranteed to find the product best suited for you and your plant needs.