The Best Bike Lane Bollards: 4 Things to Look For

The Best Bike Lane Bollards: 4 Things to Look For

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As bike lanes increase in popularity it is important to protect bikers, pedestrians, and motorists with the best bike lane bollards. A bike lane bollard is a physical barrier that separates a bike lane from motor traffic lanes. It provides an additional layer of awareness and protection on top of signs and lane markings. Bollards are placed on the side of the road and should not interfere with motorist traffic in any other way than to remind motorists to share the road responsibly.

There are many different styles of bike lane bollards applied around the world, from basic bollards, to half-wheels, and even row planters that offer a pretty pop of floral. There are temporary bollards and permanent bollards that are set in the ground. A permanent bollard can prevent drivers from accidentally driving into bike lanes, as they are sturdier and may even remain standing upon impact.

4 Things to Look for to Find Quality Bike Lane Bollards

Before investing in bollards here are five things to consider and look out for.

Bollards Should Be Tamper Resistant

A quality bike lane bollard should be tamper-resistant so that no one can mess with it. Few people want to steal a bollard, so it’s even more important that it is resistant to vehicle impact, at least to some degree.

Our In-ground Burial Mount Bollard offers superior strength because it is installed into the ground using ½” diam expansion anchors to concrete. This monolithic structure can last a lifetime and withstand a good deal of wear and tear. Plus, it features a lighted dome top to make it more aesthetically appealing and visible, which brings us to our next point…

Bollards Should Be Highly Visible

It’s important for bollards to remain highly visible so that traffic can see them. Bollards with lighting fixtures are great for at night, as they are far more visible to traffic. Plus, they offer bikers added security and visibility. TerraCast bollards are topped with LED lighting fixtures, typically with an A19 style light bulb within a cast aluminum dome top with a base plate.

Prefer to skip the lighting fixture? Another option is to add yellow reflective 3M tape to bollards. This will also make them easier to see at night, and possibly during the day as well.

Look for Rust Resistant Bollards

Rust resistant bollards are going to last a lot longer than bollards prone to rusting. Keep in mind, bollards are exposed to a lot of different elements, including moisture, sunshine, pollution, and so forth. If you live in a coastal area with high salinity, the risk of rust increases.

All of these things build up over time and create issues unless you seek out rust resistant materials. Therefore, a long-lasting fixture must be capable of standing up to the elements.

Always question the materials a bollard is made from and how it holds up over the years. Will chips or dents in the surface cause the bollard to let in moisture? If so, even a secure outer coating will not prevent rust forever.

Keep in mind, rust can impact the interior structure of a bollard even if the damages are not visible to onlookers. If this occurs, the bollard is at risk of breaking down from the inside out, leading to it falling over or crumbling with seemingly no warning.

Appearances Matter

Bollards are not the only way to separate bike lines from traffic. There are some functional and aesthetically pleasing options you could add instead of or in conjunction with bollards. For instance, you could add public seating with chairs, planters, and a curbed sidewalk. Therefore, not only do you create a place for bikers to safely navigate, but also, you create a gathering spot for pedestrians. Spaces like this increase shop traffic and are proven to add value to a community. Large industry-grade planters can also be used to separate bike lanes from traffic. Plant anything from large trees to floral arrangements to top off the look of planters used as bollards.

Bike Lane Bollards by TerraCast

TerraCast bollards are installed all over the US. Chances are you’ve seen them a time or two. They don’t only work great for bike lanes, they are also commonly used for arenas, docks, sidewalks, and pathways. They can also illuminate downtown areas and add ambient lighting to residential neighborhoods. The possibilities are endless! Learn more